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As part of my early learning of when I began to walk on my spiritual path, I studied the tarot with Belinda Womack.  This is not the typical card meanings that you may read in the books. This is the tarot that is taught by the Archangels.

There are many tarot and Oracle decks available. I use the Universal Rider Waite deck.  I offer mini readings where I will pick three cards for you.  

My Higher Self will connect with your Higher Self to find out what is preventing you from not be able to move forward and find happiness.

I will pull the cards and send you a message of what I receive for you via email.  The message will be very current for what you're going through now. It will not predict the future because the future is always being recreated as we grow and evolve. This will help you navigate and understand what is blocking you and how you can move beyond it.

Message from your Higher Self   $11

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