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A lesson in perseverance.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The Nature Angels brought my attention to this lily plant that had sprouted up through a fallen leaf on the ground. I had not planted this flower here. The seed was carried to this part of the garden either by an animal or perhaps the wind and with the help of the Nature Angels.

The Nature Angels asked me to share the lesson of this lily plant with you. Imagine first, the miracle of the seed sprouting and breaking through the hard ground soil.  She finds herself covered by the darkness of a leaf over her, yet she is still determined to grow, slowly, slowly, inch by inch. However, the leaf over her doesn't budge. It is held fast to the ground.  

The lily plant with her tender leaves actually breaks a hole through the leaf that has covered her.  She grows slowly and she expands.  The leaf still holds on to her.  This growing takes much work that goes unnoticed by others.  She perseveres.

The message this plant wants to share with us is showing us how we can overcome obstacles that appear to be so big that they cover and encompass us. This can even originate from the time of our birth. It can take us days, weeks, even months to fully release something.

This plant brings us a message of perseverance, trust and faith. She is growing even when that leaf that holds her is difficult to shake off, hard to break free of. She is strong and determined.

The Nature Angels called my attention to this plant so that I could free her of the leaf that was binding her. This is to show that we always have help available to us. They gave me this message to share with you.  

Trust in yourself. Have faith in your abilities that Creator God has given to you.  You have many gifts when you incarnate on this planet. You are also given the gift of choice. You have the choice of letting something take over you or you have the choice of moving through whatever seemingly prevents your growth.  Trust that the help will come.

You do not have to do this alone. Call on the help of your Angels and the Nature Angels to guide you to the people and things that will help you achieve your goals.  It may take some time as the lily has demonstrated.

The Nature Angels asked me to remove the leaf that was binding this plant to show you that they will always find a way to send someone to help as long as you ask them. They also want us to know that we can be helping someone else without even realizing our important role.

Trust that you will be guided to whomever will help you to release and remove whatever obstacle seems to block your way.  

The Nature Angels really want me to point out the word that they asked me to use in this blog post.  

Seems.... What does it mean? It is something we see.  We think it is real. 

One definition in the dictionary says is to be unable to do something, despite having tried. For example, it seems impossible.

Another definition for this word is to appear for the observation or understanding.  "It seems to go like this".  Realize that any obstruction or obstacle is created by how we see it.  Ask to see it from a different perspective. Observe it, understand it for what it is and the way it appears to be.

Appears is a synonym for seems. It is merely an illusion much like that of a magician who wants to show us it is all about perception, how we perceive something, how are eyes can trick us. Realize that nothing really can stand in your way. Only you can stand in your way. 

What appears or seems like an obstacle can be transformed by how you view it and approach it. The Nature Angels ask you to consider this deeply.

They ask you to say,

Yes, I accept the challenge. I will face any obstacle head on, and I will ask for help of the Angels and fairies and trust that my prayers are being answered.

Thank you, Nature Angels, for helping me to understand that I am supported by you and all the Angels, and with your help, I can accomplish what I am meant to do.

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