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Center of creation.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The Nature Angels have asked me to use a close-up picture of the center of the hibiscus flower. These flowers are so beautiful. They have big open blossoms with very noticeable flower parts and bright colors.

The Nature Angels ask that for this particular flower, you do not think too much about the flower parts. From this overhead view, you really don't see them.

They would like you to immerse yourself in the color and to notice the patterns and shapes. For purposes of description, I will call your attention to the filaments that hold the anthers which are full of golden pollen.

Here is the message from the Nature Angels:

Hello most inquisitive human beings!

This flower image brings you the energy of creation. The beautiful shade of orange connects you with your sacral chakra where your soul resides and where creativity is born.

We asked that you imagine that the anthers are like a golden energy bursting out and expanding. This golden color is the combination of both yellow and orange. It connects the energy of creativity with the energy of your solar plexus, what you put out into the world.

This energy is all being supported by the ruby red energy of the Divine feminine.

Please look at this image and let the colors work on you. The soft petals illustrate a flowing energy.

The five red circular shapes that are in the center area of the flower connect you to the five elements of the Earth, air, water, fire, earth, and ether, or spirit. All of these elements are part of creation.

You can find this pattern of five in many flowers. It represents the natural life forms, and you will find this pattern all the way down to the molecules.

We tell you this so that you can understand creation even more.

Please look this flower and say:

I understand that I am part of creation, and I am also a creator being. I use this image to awaken the creativity inside of me. I let it flow out of me. I feel in awe of the beauty and complexity of life. I marvel at my own existence.


Sometimes I have an idea of what the Nature Angels want to share and then there are times when I wonder what they are going to say. I love that. I marvel at my own existence.

The filaments that are holding the anthers remind me of the big bang theory where creation began. The pollen can represent the many stars that formed to make galaxies.

Let your imagination expand.

I am sharing the picture of the hibiscus flower that was growing in a planter outside a small business.

I recently had to clear a belief of thinking that I wasn't creating very much. I had the thought that creativity meant physically making something like art or music.

The Nature Angels reminded me of how everything we do is a part of creation, and it is not just the finished product.

Our thoughts are the creation of our mind so please remember to keep them positive. Positive thoughts ripple out and create a shift in this world. It is felt throughout the Universe.

The other day I decided to let my inner child have some fun. I stood outside in the rain with no umbrella and walk around in it. While I was enjoying this experience, I received the message to create a picture with words.

I felt very much aligned and in the flow. I wrote it down and would like to share it with you. You can read it here.

If you feel that you are having difficulties creating or that your inner child is not playing enough, please reach out to me. I would love to help you. We are meant to live a joyful, creative life.

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