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Create a higher vibration.

I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I have to say that I was very happy to see how businesses have decided to do their Black Friday sales for an entire week instead of creating the frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving.

Did you notice this too? Did things seem more calm to you this year? Earlier in the week I was checking in with the Nature Angels to see what flower they wanted to use, and they were leaving it as a mystery to me.

They did let me know yesterday that they wanted to use the bougainvillea flower again but this time in a white flower.

Here's what the Nature Angels have to say about this beautiful plant:

Hello most beautiful human beings,

Indeed, there has been a shift on this planet. Some of you might feel it more than others. Whether you notice it or not, it is happening. We chose this white bougainvillea plant because the image represents how the humankind has been rising up.

Each white flower can represent a group of humans. And we honor all of you who know your plants and we acknowledge that these flowers are actually modified leaves called bracts.

Humans around the planet have been meditating, both as individuals and in groups. This is creating a shift and is changing the collective unconsciousness. More people are grounding with Mother Earth, Gaia. More of you are understanding your own connection with the Divine.

Please look at this flower image and say,

I choose to believe that my positive thoughts cause a higher vibration on this planet. When I feel alone, I look at this flower image and realize that there are many others out there like me. I ask to find my soul family, my tribe, so that we can elevate the consciousness of Earth even more. I understand that this is my truth and that I have the support of Mother Earth, and all of the Nature Angels who have always been here supporting me.


Wow! what a beautiful message from the Nature Angels. If you feel alone, ask the Universe to help you find your soul family, your community. They are out there. The magic is meeting them and also in realizing that your requests are heard.

With a holiday season beginning, we do think about family and friends more. Often, we're thinking of a gift that we want to give them or wonder what to get them. If they have passed over to the other side, we are thinking of how much we miss them. Choose to remember the fond memories of past holidays with them.

I am sharing another picture of the bougainvillea. This one is more of a group or cluster of the flowers which reminds me of when friends and families get together. Even if you are not able to be physically together, technology has really created quite a change from just a decade ago.

We are more connected than ever before. We can video chat with people. Make your connections in any way you can. A phone call, a text message, sharing a photo. It's amazing how such a simple gesture can go such a long way. Any loving gesture raises the vibration.

I remember the saying; smiles are free and easy to give. When you smile, your brain releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. This helps to lower anxiety and increase feelings of happiness.

There is a science behind it. Do something to make yourself happy. If it is cold outside, find your favorite scarf. As we enter into the last month of 2023, realize that we are making a difference in this world.

I am here for anyone who feels that they are struggling this time of year. Sometimes things seem so hard but when you look at them from a slightly different perspective, you can get a new understanding. This can lead to a new acceptance, a new allowing. Please reach out to me if you think you need some help with this.

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1 comentario

28 nov 2023

Thank you nature angels for the reminder and confirmation that -- "hat there are many others out there like me."

Me gusta
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