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Everlove evergreen

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Nature Angels have stepped aside this week to let the Deva Angels talk about the evergreen trees.

I do have dogs that I will take for walks on the road where I live. Some of the neighbors' properties are completely full of evergreens.

Many of these trees are very tall and are probably as old as when the houses were built over 60 years ago. I always love looking at them.

When I was walking the dogs the other day, I smelled the most beautiful fragrance of the evergreen pine. I don't know what the weather conditions were that made the scent so prominent in the air, but it was truly amazing.

Since there are so many different evergreen trees, the deva angels are coming forward to talk to us about this magnificent family of trees.

Hello most precious beings,

The evergreen trees were created so that you would always have green to look at no matter what season it is.

In the winter, in the colder climate areas of the world, trees can look a little barren and sparse as they go into their hibernation mode.

The evergreen is here to remind you of the fullness of life. Let your life be full of love, full of all of what life has to offer.

The green of these trees is a little deeper and richer than most of the greens in the garden.

This deep shade is to remind you how deeply you are loved, and also how continuously you are loved, as the tree is forever green.

The pinecones, with their many seeds, remind you of the abundance that you are meant to have.

We ask that you contemplate this.

Please say these words as you look at the photo:

I am forever loved by my Creator and by Mother Earth. She will always provide for me. The Nature Angels will find ways to lift me up. I allow myself to deeply feel this and I live my life joyfully.


Wow! What a beautiful message from the Deva Angels about the evergreens and being loved. Living life joyfully means doing what you want to do. If you want to dance, then dance. If you want to sing, then sing. Do what makes your heart happy.

Remember to send love back to Mother Earth, back to Gaia. We are energetic beings. We can send love energy to her.

We can support her by helping the environment. Reduce, recycle, repurpose, and reuse.

The stress of everyday living can make us forget this.

The Nature Angels did actually ask me to make a short video last year using some evergreens as a demonstration for how we can carry burdens of responsibility around with us. Here's a link to the video to watch it.

They say that letting go of the burdens will actually help the flow of abundance come in. Enjoying life actually helps bring us more joy.

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