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Gifts from the Nature Angels.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

When I moved to my house upstate, I was very lucky in the fact that the previous owner had already planted so many flowers around the property. There were plenty of daffodils, irises and lilies that would bloom for me. I love that I had flowers throughout the different months starting in March and going throughout the summer.

Every year, I added more flowers and flowering bushes to the garden so that there would always be something blooming every week.

I would take proper care of each flower to make sure they would come back again the following year. Proper care just means knowing what the flower needs and when you should cut it back.

I love seeing the butterflies enjoy the different flowers and I would take plenty of pictures of them too.

I talk to the flowers and tell them how beautiful they are. I usually would not cut them to bring them inside except for the ones that were top heavy and lying down in the soil. After all, they deserve to be admired also.

Every year some wildflowers would just show up in my garden. Nothing I planted, but still pretty and colorful. Of course, logically, you can just say that this is just a seed brought by the wind. That is perfectly understandable.

But then some really pretty flowers starting to show up, ones that I never planted. I wasn't even quite sure what they were at first.

I thank the Nature Angels because I am sure they orchestrated this. Whether they had the help of an animal, a squirrel or a bird, or maybe just the wind bringing a seed to the garden. They brought these flowers to me.

The balloon flowers made their way to my garden one year and then the following year, a double-petal balloon flower also showed up in my garden. I love these flowers. They are beautiful, plus they were also bringing me healing with their violet-colored blossoms.

Violet is the color of our crown chakra. It is the color of transformation and forgiveness. I really needed to forgive myself for all the times that I ignored my own needs. Double petals brought a double dose of healing, healing with the flowers. I realized that the Nature Angels were bringing flowers to help me heal.

The wonderful thing about balloon flowers is they keep spreading. Every summer, I find more of them in the garden area. The Nature Angels know that we can always use more transformation.

And there was another time, I was looking out my kitchen window and I saw a burst of bright orange in my rock garden. I went up to get a closer look at it and I saw it was a beautiful flowering bush. The Nature Angels had brought me another flower.

Orange connects us with our sacral chakra. The center of our creativity. The Nature Angels reminded me to create more. We are all here to create something. Let yourself create.

Sometimes we can just get into a routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, making dinner, maybe watching a little TV and then going to bed.

It is so important to pay attention to what's being offered to us. Create something new for yourself. Ask your inner child to guide you to create something that makes you happy. If you need help, work with the energy of this flower. Be excited about the possibilities!

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