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Joy is manifesting power.

This photo of the beautiful Gerbera daisy is bringing us both the energy of boldness as well as tenderness. The color is so bright, but she does need to be placed in the just the right vase of water in order for it to be supported. It has a hollow stem which is soft like a wet paper straw.

Her beautiful color is so bold and bright. She was in the bouquet of flowers from Valentine's Day. Her blossom lasted for quite a while. I do think that the color was infused with food dye to make the blossom even brighter because the water turn a little bit of pink while the flower was in it. 

This stunningly beautiful flower brings so much of the energy vibration of joy. She is a flower that generates exuberant glee.  The Gerbera daisy connects us with the same type of energy as dolphins. They find joy in everything they do.

The key to manifestation is being in the energy of joy. Let this flower help you.

The Nature Angels are actually very proud of this flower creation. There are so many intricate details that come together in this magnificent creation.

This is what they would like to say about this lovely flower:

Hello most beautiful human beings,

We do not mind when humans decide to add a little bit more color dye to change the color of the petals.  We even consider this a co-creation. You are co-creating with us.

This flower does not hold back at all. We ask you also not to hold back. You might have been told not to laugh so loud or not to talk too loudly but this is all part of letting yourself feel and experience joy.

We encourage you to laugh loudly, speak cheerfully but of course be mindful if there is a sleeping baby nearby.  We had to add that in almost as a little joke of just knowing that there are certain times when you have to be a little more aware of your surroundings.

Please look at this flower and say:

Just as this Gerbera daisy expresses herself so joyfully, I also allow myself to feel abundant joy. I realize that when I am expressing joy, I not only feel wonderful, but I also look beautiful, and I glow from this happy energy.

We ask for you to find joy in whatever you do.  Sometimes you may have to do a complete flip in your thought processes.  Instead of thinking about the work, think about the outcome that will bring you what you desire. Even if it is paying for gas for your car, the joy here is it will get to drive wherever you want to go.  

Please make this a conscious effort of seeking out the joy in your everyday living. You will notice that when you do this, other things will delight you even more.


Wow!  What a great message from the Nature Angels!  This truly is such a happy flower.  Find joy in whatever you do.  I like how they said that when we do this, we will find joy more often. We are meant to live a happy life.

I received good responses from the love-in meditation.  I decided to make a YouTube video out of it by adding some of my flower photos but mostly I used a flowing background since it is connecting with energy, the energy of unconditional love. 

You can watch it here.

 You can also request to receive a copy of the recording if you would like to download it and listen to it.  I find that it really helps me fall asleep at night. It is a great way to end a day by being in the energy of love.

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