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Receive the love from Mother Earth

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

The Nature Angels are thrilled that they can work with you! That's right. Work with you. This is always a partnership! They have put their energy into the flower and this energy is held within the photo. Allow it to work on you so that you can receive the healing, nurturing or just what you need right now!

Why do they do this? Because we are all in this together. We live on this beautiful planet. We are all in the process of evolving and the way we evolve is by healing all the old stories held within us that aren't true. Stories that say this can't be possible. This is make-believe, a fairy tale. Well, yes this is the fairy tale! The most wonderful fairy tale! They are here to help us! They are here to help us feel loved and release the doubt. As you do this, you will feel lighter, and maybe a little giddy but ultimately, this helps raise the vibration on this planet to love and oneness! Are you with us? Yes! Yay!

This flower is blooming in my garden right now. I planted the seeds in May. The Nature Angels have given me the message for you that they are conveying with the help of this flower.

This is their message:

This zinnia flower has been nurtured by us, the Nature Angels, Nature Spirits, the fairies for many months since she first sprouted from a seed. She has lived through a very dry period, actually a drought region in this area of NY state. She shows you that we can all go through tough times and still blossom beautifully! It may take a little time but never give up!

We ask that you squint ever so slightly and visualize that the red center of the flower is heart shaped. You may not even have to squint to see it! The yellow florets have formed in this shape to send you love from the center of the flower, which connects straight to the center of Mother Earth.

Also notice the florets. See them dancing and celebrating with joy because you are here doing this work!

Use your imagination to visualize this energy filling your entire being with love. See the coral orange flower petals drawing you in, inviting you in.

Relax and breathe slowly. Take it all in. Stay here until you feel yourself completely filled with love. Come back to this photo whenever you want. The energy will still be here for you.

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