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Receiving love from the Divine Mother

I have to be honest and say that I felt resistance to writing this newsletter.

My hesitation arose because this is the week before Easter and my subconscious programming was telling me I should be talking about the Easter lily, and the resurrection of Jesus.

The Nature Angels chose a beautiful hibiscus flower for this week's message. I took this picture a few years ago while I was on vacation in St Lucia.

Here is the message from the Nature Angels explaining how this flower photo brings us the unconditional love that Jesus taught us.

Hello most precious human beings,

Christ Consciousness is truly about love. Jesus is the Master of love.

This hibiscus flower brings the unconditional love of the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine.

Please look at this image and feel the power of this love as you gaze at this flower.

As you feel this energy, we ask you to focus on what is called the staminal column or stamen tube that comes from the center of the flower.

Visualize the loving energy of the Divine Mother pouring through this column directly to you. You have a direct line to this Source energy. This flower photo helps you see it.

Say: I allow myself to receive the unconditional loving energy from the Divine Mother. I fill up completely with this love.

Say this until you feel full.

Now look at the petals of this flower and see the morning dew drops on them. These represent all the tears that the Divine Mother has felt, shed and helped heal on our planet.

Please say:

Thank you, Divine Mother, for healing my pain and sorrow. Thank you for helping me to heal.

We now ask that you move your attention and look towards the center of the flower and the deep ruby red color. Visualize that this is the womb of creation of Mother God. It is a vast and infinite space.

Enter into this womb where you feel safe and secure as you are held by Divine Mother. Stay in this space as long as you need to as you fill up with the energy of safety and security.

When you feel completely safe, please start to notice the peach color of the flower's petals all around you.

This energy brings you the vibration of peace. Rest in this place. Feel yourself becoming one with peace, as you are safely held in Divine Mother's Love.

We ask you to say:

I am loved by the Divine Mother. When I am in Her love, I am at peace. I feel safe and secure. I am deeply loved and supported. I thank the Mother for bringing me this energy and taking my pain away. I allow myself to walk through life with this loving energy.

We thank you for doing this.


Wow! I am amazed that this one flower has brought so much healing energy to us, and a way for us to have a direct line to the unconditional love from the Divine Mother, as well as feeling safe, secure, and at peace.

I needed to feel some safety and security for some old programming that needed to be cleared from within me.

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene had a huge part in Jesus's life. They held the love, and they carried this energy with them. They carried on His name and His message to the world as did the apostles.

The Nature Angels have asked me to add this photo to my gallery for you to be able to have access to this energy at all times. The Divine Feminine energy is needed much on this planet.

Let this holiday season remind you to always trust that we are being held in love by God. Trust that we are heard, trust that we are supported, and trust that we are being guided.

I leave you with one of the many quotes from Jesus:

I say to you: ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.

I wish you a beautiful Easter. Happy Passover to those who celebrate.

This unconditional love is for all of us.

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