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Set yourself free!

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

This week's flower message comes with the help of my Thanksgiving cactus. I originally thought she was a Christmas cactus and then a friend pointed out to me there are differences in the cactuses which you can tell by their leaves.

This lovely plant is blooming on my windowsill just in time for Thanksgiving.

The Nature Angels ask that you look at this beautiful and unusual flower. It's almost as if a flower is growing out of the flower. The first four petals unfold to reveal another set of petals. It grows in such a way that it simulates motion.

Some plants grow tall, some plants grow bushy. This one grows in all different directions giving it the sense of movement.

Even the flower blossom itself seems like it could look like a bird in flight. This particular flower actually has a petal folding in such a way that it appears to look like a bird's head.

Here is the message of the Nature Angels:

Hello beautiful humans!

The flower that appears to grow out of the flower is you setting yourself free!

Look at this picture and imagine this flower's many petals look like there are many wings.

We ask that you to look at the picture and say:

I will follow my heart and let myself soar. I go to new places and reach new heights. I set myself free, free to be me.

Open your wings and let yourself fly! Let yourself be free to explore.

I hope you enjoyed this message from the Nature Angels. Not only do they bring the messages they also help these beautiful plants grow.

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! May your heart be filled with peace, love and gratitude. Take a little time to be thankful for all you have. I am thankful for you!

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2 commentaires

22 nov. 2022

Here is my Thanksgiving Cactus inviting me to set myself free. Thanks for the message!

Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
22 nov. 2022
En réponse à

Gorgeous! The beautiful ruby red color of these flower blossoms bring Divine Mother's love energy to assist in letting you truly be free to be who you are meant to be.

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