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The possibilities of new beginnings

The first sign of spring is always a thrill for me! Some people may wonder how seeing a small flower pop up seemingly out of nowhere can be such an exciting experience for someone.

It may not provide the adrenaline rush of some other activities, but it is really the deeper meaning of seeing the first blossom after the long winter. It is the promise of new life.  With new life, there is always new hope.

Where I live, the lovely crocus flower is the first one to make its appearance in my garden. It starts off with just a hint of some green shoots, a little thicker than the blades of new grass.  A day or two can go by and then suddenly you are greeted by a fully opened flower. 

Crocuses do come in different colors. What grows in my garden are the purple ones.  They come back every year and they continue to spread. 

The color violet connects us with our crown chakra, the energy center at the top of our heads. This is the connection to our Angels, Guides and our own Higher Selves. It is where the greater awareness and greater understanding exist. 

This greater awareness and greater understanding bring the ability for us to forgive, as well as to seek transformation of lower vibrational energies like worry, sadness or fear. 

The tiny crocus helps us to be inspired by the possibility of new beginnings.  Her color helps us to be in the energy of transformation for what we desire to see changed in the world.  This is what the Nature Angels would like to say about this lovely flower. 

Hello most loving human beings,

We would first like to say how much we appreciate the effort you make for wanting to make this world a better place.

Everything you do matters. Things may move slower on the Earth plane, in this 3D reality of yours, so you might not think that anything is getting done, but it is. Change is happening. Let this flower help you when doubt creeps in. 

As Karen mentioned about the energy of the violet color, this is a very transformative energy that can help you forgive and let go of things that are seemingly unjust.  We ask you to never judge any of the different stories that are playing out in the world. They all serve a purpose. 

Please look at this flower, not only see it, but also feel it, feel the happy energy that comes from it. There is nothing wrong about being happy. When you are in this energetic state, you are changing the vibration in yourself which then also shifts the vibration in those around you. Pockets of humanity are continuously being uplifted.

Please do not think that you are naive by believing this. Cynicism has been taught to you with the intention of keeping you safe, but it also keeps you in a state of wariness. Wariness has the word "war" in it. Stop fighting with what you want to change.  

Wariness also sounds like the word weariness. Let go of the weariness of struggling.  Change the word "wariness" to "awareness".  Believe in the power that you truly are. 

Use the color violet to help you become more aware of all the help and support you have from the higher dimensions. You are heard and you are being guided to what would help you the most. 

Sometimes the ego goes into the place of fear and resists these nudges that are being given to you. It wants to keep you safe.  However, this safe haven is not a place for you to grow and evolve.  

Growing and evolving can happen quickly for some, just like this crocus demonstrates. And this happens through different stages of your life. There can be times of accelerated growth and there can be times of seemingly dormancy. 

Energy is always moving even when it doesn't seem to be. We tell you this so when you feel the need to rest, let your body rest. Karen can tell you how these flowers rested after we finish our sharing with you.

The flower image we chose has petals that are in the state of unfurling. We picked this flower photo because it can look like Angel wings and remind you of the unseen support that you always have. 

Please look at this flower and say:

The crocus flower brings the concept of new beginnings, new growth, new possibilities. I allow myself to feel the joyful energy that this blossom holds. I hold this energy of joy and happiness within me. I asked the Angels to help me when I slip out of this state. I understand that my energy vibration creates shifts in this world, and I choose the uplifting energies that nature always offers to us.  I put this high vibration out into the world.  I realize the power of my intention.


Wow! That was quite a message from the Nature Angels, both uplifting and powerful.  I had no idea they were going to say all this from the crocus flower.

They did mention for me to talk about how these flowers rested. I was noticing the weather more because it had warmed up. Several crocuses opened. The next day the blossoms had doubled. 

Overnight, just like typical winter climates, the temperatures plummeted, and the flowers didn't open. Even when the sun was shining, they stayed closed, protecting themselves. Another day went by, and much to my happiness, it warmed up and the flowers opened again. 

There was no hint of any type of damage from the cold winter weather. But then it poured rain the following day and the blossoms stayed closed. It is almost like they are in a state of suspended animation, waiting for the right time to open. 

I am truly amazed how these delicate flowers are actually so able to survive in the harsh change in the weather conditions. They are a testament to our own human resilience. 

Honor your strength. Honor your resilience. Remember you don't have to do anything alone.  Always call on your Angels and team of Spiritual Guides to help you.  They will find a way.  Trust is required.  Patience is required.  Be like the crocus flower, waiting for the right time to bloom and help bring the energy of new possibilities to the world. 

If you need help with being or staying in this energy, please reach out to me. I know what it's like because I have been through those tough times. The safer and more supported your ego feels, the more it will let go of worry and concern. And then anything is possible. Let me help you feel this and to open to the uplifting changes awaiting you.

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