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Understanding each other

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

The Nature Angels chose this particular flower photo because of the elections that are coming up next week in the U.S. Politics can become so negative with the intent to sway the voters. This is a low vibrational energy.

The Nature Angels, AKA the fairies, want us to realize that we are energetic beings. We create energy and we put this energy vibration out into the world.

They know what the energy feels like on this planet because they are very closely connected with the Earth. They ask that we keep our energy vibration high and not to go down the path of negativity. Stay neutral or even better, stay in the energy of love.

The fairies called my attention to this butterfly bush which had just one flower blossom on it, and then they guided me to take this picture of the purple flowers against the yellow background. I could have taken the photo from a different angle and had another color for the background, but they explained to me why.

These two colors are considered complementary colors on our color wheel. Complementary colors are colors that contrast with each other, more than any other color of the rainbow. But when you place them next to each other, they make each other look more beautiful.

Here is their message:

Hello beautiful humans.

You complement each other with all your different viewpoints. You contrast each other in your opinions but you also complete each other, in the world of duality, you bring it all together.

These flowers are similar to humans. Notice that they are facing in different directions, such as many individuals with different viewpoints.

Each flower represents being part of the whole. They exist with each other, working towards one goal, which is to grow and bloom.

You are all one of the many beautiful flowers who make up the human race. Humans, just like the flowers, all different sizes, shapes, colors.

As you look at the photo, please say this out loud. We are all part of the whole, of the human collective and we are all beautiful.

When you say it out loud, you are putting a beautiful positive energy vibration into the world, and we thank you.

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