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Flower Therapy 

The Angels of Natures want to give an example of what they offer. They have chosen a flower photo image that is infused with their energy, and they have also given me a short, channeled meditation to include with it.  It is yours to print and keep as gift to begin your healing with flowers. They say the best way to start is with a gentle healing.

Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits and other energies

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! 

I am a lightworker, one who is here to help humanity wake up to their truth.  In this journey of this lifetime, I have become a communicator of the Angels of Nature, a flower essence photographer for the many beautiful flowers that grow with the help of the Nature Angels, a Reiki Master, healing practitioner to bring healing energy to those who seek it.


I work with the energy to balance the chakra energy centers of our bodies through Reiki and also with the assistance of the Angelic realms. I am clairsentient and able to feel the energy.  I am also clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant.  I can see the healing work being done on my clients.

Most people have heard of Reiki.  A brief summary of it is Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is the Japanese word for Rei= Universal and ki= life force energy.  I bring this Universal energy through me to whoever asks to receive it, whether hands-on, distance healing or added into my photographs.   Learn more about the chakras by watching this video. 

What is Flower Essence Photograpy?

Welcome the Angels of Nature into Your Life

The photos I take hold the flower energy, amped up by the Nature Angels.  These photos will help bring calm, balance, peace and healing to you.  I also add Reiki healing energy into them.  The energy remains in these photos to bring healing to whomever wants to receive it. 



I have been given the gift of being able to connect with the Nature Angels.  I had shut down this ability for quite a while. Click here to read MY STORY.   My journey has reconnected me with the Nature and the Devas Angels, as well as many other beings and energies. 


The Nature Angels are very connected to the Earth and they are very loving.  They want to share their gift of healing with humanity. They call to my attention a flower that they have nurtured and want me to photograph.  The Angels of Nature fuse their energy into my photos.  They teach me about the healing energy of each different flower to share with humanity.


They asked me to make this video about the flower healing essence to show what this plant is communicating with us to help bring us love and balance.

As a certified practitioner in the Magical Awakening Energy Healing system taught by Brett Bevell, I have access to the many healing energies on this planet.


It has given me a greater understanding of working with all elements of our planet, air, water, fire and earth and everything connected with this, plus so much more.


I was guided to create an inner healing meditation to help heal our inner child on many levels with the help of the elements.  You can make a donation to download the audio to have it any time you need it by visiting my Services page. You can view it here.

There is so much I would love to share with you.  Here is one more video of the sights and sounds from my garden and also a message from the fairies about the cicadas to help remind us to raise our vibration.  I hope to begin to raise your awareness of understanding all the support that we truly have on this planet.

When you are in nature, you are surrounded by love.

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Please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to it for more videos inspired by our plant spirit allies. 



My spiritual journey has brought me back to honor my ancestry of connecting with the energy of the Earth and the Nature Angels, so I chose my birth name for my website.

My married name is Karen Sayago which you will see listed in some areas like on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, YouTube channel and also in my e-book of healing, The Power of the Flowers. 

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