A free gift for you.

My free gift to you is a flower photo that is fused with the healing energy of the Nature Angels and their healing meditation.  It will be similar to what you will receive when you purchase The Power of the Flowers e-book but it is not a duplicate.  Please visit my Services page to learn more.

Please let me introduce you to myself and some beautiful flowers.

Hello, thank you for visiting my website! 

I am an energy worker, a Reiki Master and flower photographer. I also work with the healing energy of the Nature Angels. I love taking pictures of flowers.  My flower photos hold the healing energy of the flowers, the Nature Angels and of myself.  These photos will help bring calm, balance, peace and healing to you.


A brief summary of Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is the Japanese word for Rei= Universal and ki= life force energy.  I bring this Universal energy through me to whoever asks to receive it, whether hands-on, distance healing or added into my photographs.   


I have been given the gift of being able to connect with the Nature Angels.  They call to my attention a flower they have nurtured and want me to photograph. The Nature Angels are connected to the Earth and they are very loving.  They want to share their gift of healing with humanity.  The Nature Angels fuse their energy into my photos.  I also add Reiki healing energy into my photos.  The energy remains in these photos to bring healing to whomever wants to receive it. 

I am also certified in the energy healing of working with the elements of the Earth, air, water, fire and earth.  The element of air is wind, but it can also be any sound that is carried on the wind. Earth elements can be any crystal of the planet or any tree or rock, mountain range or canyon.  Water encompasses rain, oceans, tears, anything that is connected with water.  Fire is so powerful but never harmful. When it is the energy of these elements, it clears away what we no longer need so that we can be happy.


I have recently created a guided meditation with my friend Katy Samwell. I wrote it and she has put to music. It incorporates the healing energy of the elements of the Earth.  It is truly amazing and the healing energy is held within the recording. Please visit my SERVICES page to learn more and get access to purchasing this healing meditation for a nominal donation. 

I have chosen my birth name for my website.  My married name is Karen Sayago which you will see listed in some areas including my book of healing, The Power of the Flowers.  I have decided to honor my birth name because my spiritual journey has brought me back to honoring my ancestry.  

Please visit my other website to learn more about me.

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