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Healing the inner child

Healing medition with elements

This audio recording is extremely powerful in the healing energy it brings.  To briefly describe it, I am certified in is the Magical Awakening Energy® Healing system, taught by Brett Bevell.  Since we are of this Earth and connected to this Earth, we have the energy of the Earth to help heal us.  This is done by using the healing energy of the elements of the Earth, air water, fire and earth at their highest and purest vibration.  This meditation, that I was guided to create for you, is filled with the nurturing, healing and protective energies of these elements. 

Katy Samwell uses her amazing gifts and knowledge as a sound healing artist to add even more healing energy into this recording through the use of singing bowls, windchimes and her beautiful voice.  The energy is held within this recording and every time you listen to it, you will receive the healing energy.  It works on a very deep level and will continue to reach deeper levels each time you listen to it. 

We appreciate donations because they help maintain our websites to continue to bring this healing to you.

Elemental healing meditation donation  $5.55

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