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What are the Nature Angels trying to tell you?

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Purchase a flower healing essence photo or canvas.

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Ask for help with a specific situation.

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Healing the inner child meditation
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I was guided to create this meditation to help heal our inner child on a very deep level using the elements of the Earth.  It is from the training I learned from the Magical Awakening® system. My friend Katy Samwell is a powerful sound healer. We collaborated together to bring this energy to you.  You can learn more about Katy by visiting her website here. Katy has put sound, music, and her beautiful vocals to the meditation I wrote. It incorporates the healing energy of all the elements of the Earth.  This recording truly heals us on so many levels.  Each time you listen to it, a deeper healing will happen for you.  It is beautiful.  Please click here for more information and to make a donation.

Purchase a rainbow catcher

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I have an Etsy shop where I design things that the fairies love! Please visit it to see the different rainbow catchers I make.  Each one holds the healing energy that connects with the energy colors of the chakras and the rainbow energy and also creates the sparkles that the Nature Angels love to play and dance in!   

Get a message from your Higher Self

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If you dont have a Paypal account, I also accept Venmo.

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