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Catholic school really made me fearful of punishment.  It also blocked my creativity.  There were never any art classes, like they offer in public school.  There were always religion classes.  I studied and excelled in school.  I was an above average student with high grades, the top 10% in my class.  Even then, I felt conflict for being “too smart”.    I was very sensitive to not being accepted by my peers for not being “cool”.   


I turned to drugs, smoking pot, and cigarettes. I looked younger than my age so I thought smoking cigarettes would make me look older.  Back in the 70s, drugs were easy to find at the local park and the drinking age was 18 but it was easy to buy alcohol even if you were underage.

This became my life for a little while, getting high.  I met my husband, and we had fun going to concerts and shows. We dated for 6 years before we got married. During this time, I went to a city university and majored in art. I loved it. I minored in psychology because I was interested in learning more about the human mind.  I took art classes in color, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography and art history. I also took child psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology. I really enjoyed my college years.

Throughout high school and going into college and beyond that, we would hear the sad news about how one of our former classmates had died of a drug overdose or some other tragedy. We always thought the numbers of deaths in our graduating class was exceptionally high.

I am now certain it is because of what they experienced as children going through school.  It was too much for sensitive people to bear.  Humans can tolerate a lot but if we don't have ways to release it, we do get sick. We may turn to alcohol or drugs.  We can pick up illnesses and disease.

After finishing school, my first full time job was working in the art department for a financial publishing company.  It wasn’t a creative job but the people in the art department were fun. I got married at the age of 25 while working at this job. I was soon promoted to supervisor of the art department. 


I did enjoy the increase in pay, but it was more stressful.  I became pregnant and then decided to leave the job.  I didn’t want a stranger raising my baby and this was also at the time when computers were beginning to enter the workplace. I knew that computers were going to replace most of the art department.  

We bought a house in Queens and my daughter was born a few days after we went to closing on the house. Being a stay-at-home mom was an adjustment for me. I did experience post-partum depression.  In a few months, I found out I was pregnant again and my son was born 14 months after my daughter.  

I stayed home with my 2 children until they both started school.  My aunt got me a job working full time for an orthopedic surgeon.  I learned all about bones, ligaments, tendons, knees surgeries, shoulders surgeries, hip surgeries.  I had this job for 6 years. It was stressful and the doctor was very controlling with his employees.  It was hard and very exhausting working there especially with 2 children at home.

We sent our 2 children to public school and then Catholic school for middle school. We decided we didn’t want to send our children to public high school, and we knew we couldn’t afford Catholic high school. Happily, a friend invited us to visit him upstate.  We fell in love with the area, and we moved 70 miles north to Dutchess County.  My children went to public high school and college.  I got a much less stressful job working for an ophthalmologist.

Moving upstate was like having a weight lifted off of me. It put me closer to nature. We have a nice big property that has lots of trees and flowers. I love taking pictures of them and sharing them on social media.  What I didn't realize at first, was that these flowers were healing me.

I started seeing the sparkling, dancing light energies again. These lights would come up me, surround me. I was reconnecting with the Nature Angels.  I smiled seeing them, realizing that I am never alone. 


I started questioning again that there has to be more to life. I became a seeker of knowledge. When the year 2012 came, some people believed that it was going to be the end of the world because the Mayan calendar had predicted it. People would actually say this to me. I told them that it was just the end of an old way of thinking and a new beginning.  I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew something was changing.

Unfortunately, I was dismayed when both of my children experienced serious drinking problems. I thought I had led such a good example of raising them. I had quit smoking. I barely drank and then to see them both have times where they got so drunk, it horrified me. It reminded me of my teenage years.  It also reminded me of the alcoholism that my father experienced, and his father before him.

Out of despair, I started praying to God for help. And then my prayers were answered. It was very synchronistic.  A casual conversation led to me taking a yoga class.  They had a book swap and that led me to finding a book written by Belinda Womack. It was her first book about the 12 Archangels.

This is what I needed to see.  This is that I needed to hear.  I met Belinda when she was giving a lesson in Connecticut. We spoke briefly. That day, she told me that I had four guardian angels. The light bulb went off in my head and I knew that this was the four figures that I had seen standing around my bed when I was a child.

At about the same time, I also started taking a meditation class. The person who led the meditation also taught Reiki and a spiritual development class. I started connecting with my Angels and my guides. I studied energy healing, and I became a Reiki master.  I took many classes through the teachings of Belinda Womack, including the 12 Archangel University and the Accelerated Discovery program.  She helped me understand my ability of working with flowers and the Nature Angels.


I studied and am certified in many other programs, meeting with the Angels, realm reading, connecting with the Nature Angels, the fairies, and elemental healing, Magical Awakening® and Healing Angel Protocol™.  All of this new understanding, this new education started healing so many different aspects of my life.

I started realizing how we hold on to everything from our childhood in our subconscious and I know that we have the ability to heal all of this. 


There are gentle ways to do this, such as just spending time in nature.  Nature heals us.  If you can't be in nature, spend some time with one of my flower photos.  The Nature Angels have supercharged the healing energy in these flower photos with their energy.  They love us and want to help us grow and evolve. 

My soul’s purpose is to help others have the understanding that we are loved and that we are never alone. 


We can heal our emotional needs, our spiritual needs.  I am here to help you to heal, to love yourself, to forgive yourself, to forgive others.


Hearing how as we heal ourselves; we help heal the human collective, truly inspired me. I love learning and understanding how fear can be transformed through love. I am so happy to know that we do have so much help and support available to us from the higher dimensions and realms. I would like to help you feel this, to understand this, and to become your true, pure, authentic self.  NAMASTE.

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