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"When I pass by the canvas of the photograph of Karen's divinely perfect daisy, I feel the Nature Angel of the flower embrace my fragile humanness with such indescribable tenderness. 


If this is not enough, I stand before the image of her purple bearded iris and watch the Violet Flame erupt from its petals, quenching the thirst of my atoms with the Divine Love of Forgiveness. I dream of my walls becoming Heaven's garden, covered with the beautiful work of Karen  Crehan Sayago and the Nature Angels that "smile" for her!"


Belinda Womack, Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels

healing with flowers.jpg
healing with flowers.jpg

"I just want to say what a knack Karen has for finding and photographing a flower that is sharing its healing.

Karen’s flower photos are very rich and deep and they pour into me.   I immediately felt peace.  I also felt the lushness - and when I look at the flower photo, I felt it would envelop / was enveloping me.  The colors are beautiful.  Karen has a gift of capturing the essence.

Karen’s flowers say to me a BIG Hello ask me to open up. They say I want to give you Love, Energy, Joy, and Happiness.  I opened up quickly - I so need all of these aspects!!!!!  

Thank you, Thank You!!!  You have made me see flowers differently."

Diane Cook,  VA


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working with flowers for healing.jpg

Private Session

"Karen is an incredibly gifted healer. She is able to communicate with the nature angels and bring their healing through in her sessions. She takes the most amazing photos of flowers and is able to convey their magical healing ability through the pictures. In my session, Karen showed me pictures of flowers that had been selected for me and the message I needed to hear in order to help heal some issues around trust in myself and my abilities.

With each picture Karen gave me, and a message from the nature angels, the impact of the pictures and the words moved me to tears. My whole body was experiencing relief, I could feel my body being worked on by an amazing energy, my neck was cracking and releasing the tension I’d been holding. Karen’s reiki energy was coming through with the nature angels and flower energy. It was an incredibly loving and gentle experience.

After the session Karen send me the pictures of the flowers so I can look at them at any time to continue the healing. I look at them with the recording of the words from the session and I feel the loving energy all over again. I highly recommend a session with Karen, the flowers and the Nature Angels, you will be bathed with love and realize how important and amazing you are!"

Katy Samwell, Sound Healing Practitioner

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I loved the Power of the Flowers e-book.  The energy emanating from the gorgeous flower photos is wonderful and many made my heart sing.

I loved spending a few days with each one, and the synchronicities that happened along the way. 
Karen's photos, meditations, and emails helped unleash my creativity, the joy of my divine inner child, and my love of nature;  and strengthened my trust in my intuition and my connection to my Higher Self.

I love that the energy Karen has infused into these wonderful photos continues to work even after you have finished looking at them.  

I am deeply grateful for this book and the experience with these flowers and Karen's wonderful messages from the flowers, and her loving healing energy.

I cherish this e-book and will continue to work with these flowers every day.

Jane Meyer, Annapolis MD

The Power of the Flowers.jpg

 The Power of the Flowers, A Book of Healing

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