"When I pass by the canvas of the photograph of Karen's divinely perfect daisy, I feel the Nature Angel of the flower embrace my fragile humanness with such indescribable tenderness. 


If this is not enough, I stand before the image of her purple bearded iris and watch the Violet Flame erupt from its petals, quenching the thirst of my atoms with the Divine Love of Forgiveness. I dream of my walls becoming Heaven's garden, covered with the beautiful work of Karen  Crehan Sayago and the Nature Angels that "smile" for her!"


Belinda Womack, Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels

"I just want to say what a knack Karen has for finding and photographing a flower that is sharing its healing.

Karen’s flower photos are very rich and deep and they pour into me.   I immediately felt peace.  I also felt the lushness - and when I look at the flower photo, I felt it would envelop / was enveloping me.  The colors are beautiful.  Karen has a gift of capturing the essence.

Karen’s flowers say to me a BIG Hello ask me to open up. They say I want to give you Love, Energy, Joy, and Happiness.  I opened up quickly - I so need all of these aspects!!!!!  

Thank you, Thank You!!!  You have made me see flowers differently."

Diane Cook,  VA


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