Purchase a flower photo or canvas

white rose of sharon (2).jpg

You can purchase a photo of your choice from me to work with the image on your own.  The photo will come with a meditation for you to do with the flower.   In order to keep the energy in the photo,  I have to print it and send it to you.   I find that the larger the image is, the more powerful it is. 

I also put my flower images on metal prints and canvases. The healing energy will be held within the photo or canvas and every time you look at it, you will receive this healing.   Since flowers come in all different shapes and sizes, canvases are custom made to the flowers.

Flower canvases

Small canvas  11x 14    $111


Medium size  (approximately 20" x 20")  $300


Large canvas  (approximately 

22 x 28)      $444 


This includes the cost of shipping.