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Flowers are Quite Powerful

When I was a child

I started this poem:

Why is the sky so blue?

Why are the flowers so colorful?

I don’t know why the sky is blue

But maybe the flowers are colorful…


And then I would ponder

And I would wonder,

And I would ask for an answer

but I didn’t know why...


This poem often came to my mind

time and again.

Why are the flowers so colorful?

And finally, I became aware that 

these flowers

Are like precious gems.


Why are flowers so colorful?

 Because flowers are quite powerful.


Flowers are all the colors of a rainbow.

And these colors help us to grow.


Their blossoms are here to remind us,

with the array to colors here for us,

a beautiful rainbow of colors,

are all the colors of the chakras.


Chakras are energy centers within us

that are a very important part of us.

The colors bring us what we need

in order to help us to succeed.


So many things can cause us a block,

that needs to be opened and unlocked.

Then our energy can freely flow,

And allow us to continue to grow.

I think I finally know the reason.

Why are flowers so colorful?

Because flowers are magnificent. 

Every color is very significant

in helping us to be happy, loving and confident.

White, Pink, Red, and Blue.

Which is the color for you?

Flowers for poem
Flowers for poem
Flowers for poem
Flowers for poem

Violet, Orange, Yellow or Green.

What flower helps you when you

don't want to be seen?

These amazing flowers, 

are the artists' inspiration.

They truly come is every variation.

They can either be bold and bright,

or a color that is gentle and light.

Their many sizes and their shapes,

are each very important too.

Look at this marvelous splendor

Of this amazing beauty before you.

These flowers all around us

are a gift most very generous,

from our Creator to make sure

we have everything that we need.

These energy colors of the chakras,

will help to clear and balance us.

Their energies help us on our journey,

so we can truly see,

What a gem we are truly meant to be.


We have a purpose in this life.

We may forget along the way.

When we open to remember,

More joy will return each day.


These colorful flowers of the rainbow

are like presents everywhere.

We also have a gift

that we are meant to share.


Be like the flower and grow.

Let yourself be the one to show

How to make this world a better place

filled with beauty, love and grace.

Surround yourself with flowers,

all the many different hues.

Whether live, or a photo,

Choose one that resonates with you.


If the flowers are not in season.

Let my photos help you see them.

Flowers are here for us to see,

we can live life as it was meant to be.

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