Book an individual session with me.

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When you have a session with me, you will be working with the flowers as well as receiving Reiki energy daily.  We will arrange a 15 minute initial consultation regarding your concerns and I will connect with your guides and find the photo image that holds the Nature Angel's energy that will help you the most.  I will send the photo to you which you can download onto your computer.   You will need to focus on the image of the flower for 5 to 10 minutes a day.  The flower photo holds a healing energy that will be working deeply on you.  After a week, we will have a 15-20 minute session to check in and have a discussion of how you are doing and see where you are now.   I will ask you to continue to work with the Nature Angel's energy of this flower as well as continue to send you Reiki.  We will have a final 15-20 minute conversation in another week to give you tools for moving forward.

Private session $300

to be paid at sign up.