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Book an individual session with me.

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When you have a session with me, we will start by addressing your concerns and needs.   We will do a 

20 to 30 minute initial consultation through zoom to discuss what you hope to receive from this healing energy.  Once we have this conversation and you decide if this is something you feel will benefit you, I will ask you to schedule the healing session at a time when you have nothing to do afterwards.  The healing energy you will receive is deep and thorough and I ask that you give yourself time to integrate the energy you have received.


Things sometimes can come up from your deep subconscious that you're not aware of and can cause you to be slightly uncomfortable.  Schedule your session where you have nothing important to do the next day.


The Nature Angels will choose a flower photo image to help you integrate the energy work that you just received.  This will also bring you additional healing as well as help you to be grounded.


The healing energy will be complete at this time, but we will have one final conversation within a few days to answer any questions you may have regarding the session. 

Private session $300

to be paid at sign up.

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