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Flower therapy session with the Angels, Guides and the Nature Angels.

pink peony Divine Mother's love

This energy healing session is very unique because you will receive

healing energies from the Archangels, and Ascended Masters as well as the Nature Angels.  This energy healing works on the root cause of what is your main concern and can stir up some strong memories, emotions, or physical discomfort.  The Nature Angels will choose a flower photo for you to also work with to help ease any of this and continue helping you with any residual effects of the healing work you received.  Depending on how deep the healing goes, old thoughts, beliefs, feelings will continue to be released as the body is ready to let it go.  The flower photo will continue to work on this to help you do this gently, in a nurturing way.

Private session $150
to be paid at sign up of session.

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