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I have so many beautiful flowers photos. This is just a small representation of them.  Each flower has different healing properties. Their colors, how they make you feel, the way they gesture to you, all speak to you in a different way. You can choose one from here or ask me for a suggestion.  

If you have a particular color in mind, let me know.  I have many flower photos in the same color family.  If you noticed a flower that you'd like in one of my videos or on my other website, they are also available for you.  Trust in what you feel drawn to.  


The images of these flowers can be printed on photo paper, metal prints, or larger canvases.  I have found that the larger the image, the more you will feel the incredible energy that comes from them.  Flowers do come in different shapes and sizes, so the canvases will be made in particular sizes to showcase the flowers. 

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