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A beautiful message about receiving.

The Nature Angels have chosen this flower for their first message of 2023.

These are the balloon flowers. They appeared in my garden one year without me planting them there.

When you work with the fairies, they also work with you to bring you joy. These flowers bring a message of opening with joy!

You may ask how do you work with the fairies? It starts just by acknowledging with gratitude that they are always doing things to help us.

When you help them, they notice. This could be as simple as picking up some litter or watering the plants when they are thirsty, and it hasn't rained.

The Nature Angels always give you more than what you give them.

Here is their message about the balloon flowers:

Hello beautiful humans!

We ask that you open yourself up. We know it may be scary if you feel vulnerable but please know, we always have your back.

The balloon flowers grow with a number of different flower buds on one stem. This stem represents where you get your support from. The support comes from Mother Earth. The many buds show how you are never alone.

Imagine that you are this flower. Feel the stem holding you up securely as it also reaches deeply into the Earth receiving the loving energy from Gaia.

Now imagine that you are the flower lifting your face up to the Sun and receiving energy from Source.

It is an endless cycle of receiving. Flowers always show you how to receive.

Please say this as you look at this photo image.

I feel the support of Mother Earth. I raise my face to receive the light energy from Creator Source. I allow myself to be filled with love so that I can be my true authentic self.


The Nature Angels have started the new year with a beautiful message about receiving. We humans have not been taught to realize that this loving energy is always here for us. We have to be open to receive it. Many things can close us off.

As this new year starts, let yourself be free of the old thoughts and hurts that you have experienced and realize that this is not how we are meant to live. We are meant to live in a flow of love.

I was fortunate to take a quick vacation to Florida over the holidays. The timing was perfect. We traveled on days when there were no issues with the airlines. We left the frigid single digit temperatures of New York behind us.

It was also cold in Florida. There were two mornings with 32° temperatures but by the end of the week it warmed up to the '70s and by the time we were leaving it was going to go back up to the '80s again.

It was so nice to walk outside wearing short sleeves and feeling the sun shining warmly on me.

There are many small lakes in Florida and many of them have fountains in them. They are lit up beautifully at night.

I took this photo and I think it really is a perfect complement to this message that the Nature Angels have given us.

Imagine that you are this flowing fountain. You are receiving the energy and bringing it up through you. This loving energy flows out from you and into the world and then it comes back to you again in a never-ending cycle.

Start your year by being a light in the flow of Source energy.

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Jan 03, 2023

Thanks for the beautiful message. I always find value in them. They lift me up.

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