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A lesson from the Nature Angels

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Fairies, aka the Nature Angels, are closely connected to the Earth and to us. They can easily move between our 3D reality and the 4 and 5 dimensions. Because they are so connected to the Earth, they can pick up the energy vibrations very easily. They can also sense what we are thinking and our intentions.

Throughout the centuries, the fairies may may gotten a reputation of being less than good, being angry and vindictive at times, and known to sometimes betwixt humans. Fairies are the Angels of Nature and they connect with every living thing on this planet. They have a job to take care of their assigned animal or plant or tree and they take this very seriously.

The Nature Angels love when we help the animal and plant kingdoms. They are grateful when we pick up litter. When they know we have good intentions, they will silently guide us to a living thing that needs our help. They will finds ways to show their appreciation. They really do want to help us humans. They will also try to find ways to prevent someone from doing something harmful to a living being. This is where the reputation of being mischievous originated from.

Nature Angels understand that we have a choice and they also understand how things can feel very difficult for us. They really want to help us grow and evolve because they know that we are truly all one with the Creator and when we grow in awareness and raise our vibration, we help create a shift on Mother Earth. Their goal is to help us grow as well as the plants and trees.

I experienced what some may say was the fairies being naughty but I understand the reasoning and I am grateful for their nudge. This is a tiny example of what the fairies can do.

I saw a butterfly bench in a gardening center that was quite lovely and my inner child, my little Karen, wanted it right away. I bent down to check the price and thought to myself, nope, it is too much money. As I stepped backwards after checking the price, I felt a sharp pain going into my left foot. A piece of wood mulch was somehow standing straight up and it pierced right through my sandal and into my foot. I actually thought I had stepped on a nail. The piece of mulch was stuck in my foot. I pulled it out and wondered how could this have possibly happened.

I told my spiritual teacher about this and she said to me that the fairies had to really go through a lot of trouble to make that little piece of wood mulch stand up straight so I would step on it and it would wake me up out of my limiting beliefs.... for example, the bench was too expensive to buy, the belief of lack. The left side of the body can represent the past, so it is an old belief carried from both ancestors and past lives.

Fairies can be a little bit, I guess troublesome or sassy, like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, to help us snap us out of something. So you can see this is why some fairies have the reputation of being feisty and possibly troublemakers. They love us but they also get frustrated when we forget our connection with Source energy and fall back into our old belief systems and they will push us a little bit to help us wake up and remember.

As you can see, I did buy the bench. 😀

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