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Abundant support

The lily of the valley flowers are blooming! They are so tiny, so delicate and so charming.

They peek out from their tall green leaves. I had to get really low to the ground to take the photograph and as I did, I smelled their beautiful fragrance. For such a tiny flower, they have such a beautiful and noticeable aroma.

I may have mentioned before that spring is my favorite season. There are so many different varieties of flowers blooming in a vast array of colors.

Please take time to get close to a flower and breathe it in. Engage as many senses as you can.

The Nature Angels said they would be thrilled to give a message about this flower.

Here is what they have to say:

Hello most beautiful human beings,

We always love being able to help you see things.

The shape of the lily of the valley flowers are like bells. And as you can see in this photograph, there is one flower near the top can appear to look as if it is ringing.

We ask that you hear from us how much you are loved.

These lily of the valley flowers grow amongst tall and beautiful green leaves, tall in comparison to its tiny flowers.

The leaves are similar to the tulip's leaves where they give a sense of movement of flow and grace.

Imagine that these leaves are your Angels surrounding you, protecting you, and bringing you love and filling you with trust that you are safe and supported.

We ask that you look at this flower and say this:

All of the Angels, all angelic kingdoms, bring me the message of love. I allow myself to be in the garden of my heart filling up with trust that I am always loved and supported. I received this energy effortlessly. I take comfort in knowing that I am surrounded by so much help.


Wow! What a beautiful message! I love these tiny little flowers. They are quite a delight, especially for a small child.

Let your inner child delight in them.

I am going on vacation. While I am away, the Nature Angels have encouraged me to send the newsletter to you with a flower image but not say too much about it.

They want you to look at it and receive the energy and to use your imagination to visualize and to let yourself feel.

I think you will do well with this!

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