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Abundant unconditional love for you.

The tulips are popping up everywhere! They come in so many different colors and varieties. Some of them are even multicolored.

We are familiar with the traditional tulip, the one that almost looks like it is cup shaped. Then there are some that have fringy edges and there's also some that have so many petals. Each flower will bring a different energy and message for you.

For this week, the Nature Angels chose a tulip that has quite a number of petals. It is sometimes called the peony-flowered tulip. It does look like a small peony flower.

I do love tulips but this one seems extra special to me. I'm excited to hear what the Nature Angels have to say about it.

They told me that the Deva Angel is going to be the one speaking about the tulips. Here is their message:

Hello most inquisitive humans,

The tulip is a very healing flower. When it is open, it shows you how to be more receptive. You naturally open up more as you look at this flower. You are also being shown how to be a vessel to hold the energy.

The color of the blossom is a way to connect with and balance the energy centers in your body. They come in all the colors of your lower chakras as well as your crown chakra. The green of nature from Mother Earth always fills your heart chakra.

Tulips do come in so many color varieties, and they all have the green leaves that are very characteristic just to them. Not many other plants have the same type of leaves as the tulips.

Their leaves grow in a flowing way. Sometimes they can look like they're turning out. Sometimes the leaves can appear to be turning inward. When this is the case, you are being drawn into this flower. It is asking you to come closer.

Sometimes the tulip leaves can actually look as if they are reaching out to you, as if it is extending open arms to you and bringing you in for a hug.

The shape of the flower and their leaves connect with your visual senses. They are actually working with your conscious and subconscious mind through the image.

The Nature Angels have a very important role in this. They will subtly coax the way the leaves grow. They know you and know what help you need to raise your energy. They know the most effective way to deliver it to you. If you are open to the Nature Angels, they will find a way to bring your attention to see it.

We hope you have enjoyed learning this. We now ask the Nature Angels to continue their explanation about the healing energy from this particular tulip.

Here are the Nature Angels:

Hello our resilient human friends!

We know how much you go through, and we know how it affects your energy centers. This is why we give you a meditation to help you balance areas in yourself that need to be balanced.

The colors of this tulip, pink and white, are a very nurturing and healing color combination. The ruby pink energy is a gentler energy to work than the denser color of red. Both work on your root chakra and they also connect with the divine feminine energy. This pink color with the white highlights brings you the purity of unconditional love.

The many petals are showing the plentitude of this energy available to you. As the Deva Angels said, the leaves draw you in for a closer look. The complexity of the layers of petals encourages you to look at the blossom a little bit longer.

Please say this as you look at the flower photo image:

I am so grateful to know how much help that I truly have from nature and the Angelic realm. I fill myself up like a cup with the abundant loving, nurturing and soothing energy that this flower brings me. I am open to receive healing on all levels. I trust that it is being done.

We thank you for filling up with unconditional love.


Wow! The Deva Angels shared a little bit about what the Nature Angels do to help us! They actually got me a little bit curious as they were talking about working on our subconscious mind. I did look up a little bit of information about it.

In science, there is the term, pareidolia, and its definition states that the mind perceives a pattern out of a shape and turns it into something meaningful for that person.

Most often plants will grow in the direction towards the sun. The Nature Angels direct the way the leaves grow for us. They understand the nature of our mind and our subconscious, and they are using this knowledge to help us see the flowers as gesturing to us.

The flowers that only last for a few weeks bring us a burst of healing. Let yourself be open to this.

Think of when you were a child and you used to see shapes in the clouds. Let your imagination open. When you do this, you allow yourself to receive more.

Most of us humans have been shut down so much in life. All of nature is here to help us.

I offer many different opportunities to help you receive the healing energy that you need to bring balance and harmony to your light body. As your light body becomes balanced your physical body responds.

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