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Be held in love and let go.

The Nature Angels chose the crocus flowers for last week's message. They are asking me to use another crocus flower for a different message this week.

We can get several messages from the same flowering plant and perhaps even the same flower.

I had photographed the crocuses as they were coming up and not yet opened. I was hoping they would bloom in time for last week's newsletter, excited about sharing their beauty with you; but they didn't because they had a certain message to bring.

The crocuses did open for only one day last week but then right after that, we had more cold weather and they have not opened since. This is truly an example of enjoying the moment, enjoying the day.

Here is a message from the Nature Angels for this beautiful flower.

Hello lovely humans!

These flowers have been teaching Karen a lesson about patience and letting go of expectations.

We ask that you look at this beautiful flower. Imagine that you can rest inside of her.

Certain flowers do grow in such a way that you can think of them as a bowl, perhaps a round tub, that you can soak in.

We're going to ask that you focus on the center of the flower.

You may have learned in school about stigmas and stamens, the parts of the flowers. Visualize that you are standing in the center, the brilliant orange color of the stigma.

Now, imagine that the golden yellow stamen are two hands that are holding you.

Please say this as you are looking at this photo image:

I am lovingly being held by my Creator in a supportive and gentle embrace. I let myself feel this as I am surrounded by this beautiful violet fire energy. I soak up this energy and let it fill my entire being.


I love how the Nature Angels work. They are helping me to trust, trust in the fact that they know exactly what they're doing and what they are guiding me to do.

It's not like being told what to do. It's more like them saying, now is the perfect time to do this.

The violet color, also known as the violet flame, is a very transformative color. It connects us with our crown chakra and our higher self. When we are in this energy; it helps us to forgive.

Keep looking at this flower and please say this slowly:

I forgive. I let go of all perceived injustices. I forgive it all. I fill up the space that I have created by forgiving, with love.

The news media tries to focus our attention on the negative in this world. This is to keep us in a state of lower vibrational energy. But we humans all know that wherever there is a tragedy, this is when human strength, love and compassion is at its strongest.

On this last day of February, the month of love, fill up with love. Be in love. Beloved....Be loved.

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