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Be the child and the wise one.

The Nature Angels chose a flower that blooms in the autumn for their message this week. The chrysanthemum is a plant you can always count on for bringing a burst of color in the fall when most of the other flowers have gone. Their flowers come in all the colors of autumn, in shades of orange, red and yellow.

These flowers do come back every year, but they take a little bit of care to really make them grow beautifully. They start popping out of the ground early and it is recommended to pinch back some of the leaves to make the plant a little bit more bushy and not scraggly looking.

And now the Nature Angels will tell us why they picked this fall flower when spring is right around the corner.

Here is their message:

Hello beautiful humans!

As Karen was scrolling through her many pictures, we did stop her at this one.

Chrysanthemums do make many flower buds. We chose this flower photo because of the way these two flowers are growing.

The flower on the left is a little bit smaller than the flower on your right but it is just as beautiful as the bigger one. Besides the size difference, you could say they almost look identical.

We ask that you think of the flower on the left as a younger version of yourself, full of hope and excitement about the possibilities of all there is.

And now imagine that you are also the flower on the right. You have grown and you have gathered much wisdom.

Think of every layer, every row of petals as something else you have learned.

We ask you to let yourself be aware of both aspects of yourself. You are both the child and the wise one.

Let yourself remember the feeling of wonder. It is acting on this wonder that has made you so wise.

Please look at this flower photo and say:

I embrace the inner child within me, and I let myself see through the eyes of this child. I know that I am always growing and learning. I embrace and honor the wisdom that I have gained. I let both aspects of myself work together to create something wonderful.


I find this message interesting. Our inner child's curiosity, our wondering, is what makes us wiser.

Daily living lets us experience what human existence is like. We can become street smart or jaded. But when we listen to what our inner child wants us to see and experience, this helps us to explore life and gather wisdom.

Listen to your inner guidance and let everything that you have learned help you do something uplifting in this world now.

Remember to always call on help from your Angels and Guides, the Nature Angels, and whoever else you feel you have a close connection with. They are always listening, and they are always ready to help you, but you do need to ask them.

The last thing I want to share with you is one of the first blog posts that I ever wrote for my website. It isn't about flowers, but it is about the unseen support that we have. This blog post is about a gift from the Nature Angels that helped me to get out of the non-believing mind that I had unknowingly created by living in a society that is based on hierarchy, rank, importance.

The Nature Angels helped me to start believing in our divinity and our connectedness again. No one is better than the next person, and we are all here as part of Oneness and to experience Oneness once again.

I share this with you now because my birthday is coming up soon. It is good to celebrate everything that happens in your life, even something that happened some years ago. It could just have been the catalyst that changed the direction you were taking in life.

Feel the excitement, feel the wonder, feel this energy again. Feeling the energy is so important. We are energetic beings and when we let ourselves feel it, we can bring more of this energy to us.

You can find this as one of my earlier blog posts called: When did you start believing again?

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Mar 07, 2023

Happy upcoming birthday! Thanks for another gift. This message dovetailed perfectly with my meditation this morning.

Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
Mar 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! And also thank you for letting me know how this message was so in sync with the meditation you were doing this morning! We are all one. ♥️

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