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Connect to the energy in the stillness.

 We had our first snowfall of 2024. It snowed mostly overnight so I woke up in the morning to see the Earth blanketed with this beautiful white energy.

It was still snowing as I took this picture which makes it almost appear like a black and white photo. 

The Nature Angels asked me to do something different today. Instead of a flower photo, they asked me to do a winter scenic image.

They say although they, the Nature Angels, do individually take care of plants, they also take care of the entire environment.

They chose this particular winter scene, and this is what they would like to say about it.

Hello, most beautiful human beings.

Depending on where you live, you may or may not see snow.  Snow does have a very calming and purify effect. Please don't misinterpret this. If you live in an area where you don't see snow, there are still plenty of places in nature where you can receive this beautiful effect.

We would like for you to look at this photo and just feel the stillness of the image.  Let yourself receive this energy.

Notice all the beautiful snow-covered branches. The barren trees now are so beautiful. You get to see the beauty of the trees and the way the branches grow when there are no leaves on them.

Each tree grows in its own unique way.

All of you humans also grow in your own unique and individual way. Some grow faster than others, but it is all beautiful in the eyes of the Creator.

Notice how the trees branch out, stretch and expand. We asked that you expand and open to receive from the Universe.

Visualize that you are standing with arms outstretched but with so many arms, not just the two that your physical body has.  Open to receive the energy from the universe. This will be extremely effective when you are doing this as you stand in the sun.

Trees do stand individually, but their branches touch.  They are also connected by a vast root system underneath the ground. They communicate with each other far and wide through this root system.  

Please look at this image and say,

Although I may not see my own roots, I do understand that there is a vast network of energy that I am always able to connect to. I am part of the entire human collective. I close my eyes and visualize the energetic field that is all around me.  I ask and allow for an easy connection to this Universal energy in its purest form to assist me on my journey of growth.


Wow! Another great message from the Nature Angels! We do live in a very busy world where there is a lot of distractions. The Nature Angels chose this particular photo because it brings you into a place of calmness, stillness.

You can imagine that all these many tree branches are part of a network very similar to the many branches of nerves that are part of our own physical body.  The energy flows freely through them.  This is how it should flow through you. 

If you feel that the energy is not flowing freely through you, please reach out to me. Blocked energy will eventually cause physical problems in the body.  Allow yourself to be an open network of energy, able to receive the Divine energy that is always waiting and available for you.

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