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Create a new future now.

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

The Nature Angels chose a flower photo taken from a different perspective for their message this week.

Sometimes I like to take the back of a flower to capture its subtle beauty.

This is the dahlia flower that was growing in my garden. The outer petals were a beautiful shade of pink, and the inner petals were a deeper ruby color.

I do get curious of why the Nature Angels choose a particular flower image.

Here is what they had to say:

Hello beautiful humans!

We chose this image because of the way Karen photographed the flowers. One blossom in the foreground and the other, ahead of it.

We ask that you to think of the flower in the foreground as the present moment, and the other one, a projection into the future.

Humans are always thinking of the future. It is quite normal and part of being human.

We remind you that the future is always changing by what you do now.

It is good to stay in the present moment.

We ask that you look at this image and say:

I create a new future every day with my thoughts and my actions. I allow myself to dream of something bigger and better. I understand that my thoughts have power. I choose to focus on the positive and create a better tomorrow.


The Nature Angels are always surprising me with what they want to share with us.

It is wonderful to know that our future is always evolving and always changing. Nothing is set in stone.

I love their reminder about how our thoughts have power. Our thoughts create our reality. We have to remember that if we say we can't do something, we are actually blocking ourselves.

Trust that we are always being heard.

And remember we do have to ask for help from the Divine in order to receive it.

Ask for help whenever you feel your vibration slipping lower. The Nature Angels will find a way to lift you up.

I did make a YouTube video a little while ago about the energy of our words. Here is the link to watch it.

Let's create a beautiful new reality together by staying positive in the present moment.

Every step of our healing journey creates a new shift in our lives with the possibility of a new future.

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