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Divine Mother's love

I have been seeing so many pink flowers this week and I know it is in perfect timing for Mother's Day. Pink is the soft color of the Divine feminine energy. It is gentle, loving and nurturing.

There are the pink dogwood blossoms, pink tulips, even pink honeysuckle flowers. On Mother's Day we get to honor the mother, the feminine energy who nurtures and takes care of us. 

The Nature Angels picked the pink blossoms of the dogwood tree for their message this week. Here's what they would like to say about the beautiful energy that comes from these flowers:

Hello, most beautiful loving human beings, 

Since the Divine Mother energy has been systematically taken out of the equation on this earth, nature is always bringing it to you. Mother Earth as well as all the Angels work together to bring you the energy of pure unconditional love. 

All of the Angelic beings understand how society has influenced your thoughts so much. We also realize how much duality creates extreme emotions.

The Angelic kingdoms always send you the support that you need but it helps if you ask for it. Since you live in a free will society we really can't interfere unless you request assistance or if there is a drastic situation. 

Look at this beautiful flower image and let yourself focus on the gentle, nurturing energy that is being sent to you. 

The softness of the pink color connects with your inner child. Your inner child has been told so many things of what to do, how to behave, what to think. This color brings a nurturing energy to this inner child that has been taken so far away from the loving energy of God. 

Please look at this photo and say: 

I fill up with the love of the Divine feminine. I received this beautiful nurturing energy until I feel full of love. I stay with this energy allowing myself to be completely nurtured. I allow myself to be in this energy until I feel completely filled with love, safety and security and know that I am always supported by the Divine


What a great message from the Nature Angels!  I love how they told us how all of the Angelic kingdoms are here assisting us.

The Divine feminine love is both powerful and gentle.  Love is the greatest power but so much in society has tried to minimize it. 

From a very early age, men have been told not to embrace their feminine side. They are told not to cry and to suck it up and be strong. Women have been told to "act like a lady". Be feminine. Shakespeare wrote a play, The Taming of the Shrew. Be docile and obedient. Don't be wild.

To truly heal and return back to this beautiful energy of love, we must honor the feminine energy that is within all of us. 

I will be offering another love-in meditation this month and sending out the information in another email. It will be on May 19th at 12:00 noon Eastern time. If you haven't come to one of love-ins yet, please join us. It will bring you to the beautiful space of unconditional love. This is where the healing begins. 

Let the love grow. Receive this energy, hold this energy, radiate it out; by doing this, we are connecting with the oneness of the Divine.

We celebrate Mother's Day in America this coming Sunday. I wish everyone a beautiful Mother's Day!  Allow yourself to both give and receive love and truly feel it. 

If you need help with connecting with the energy of love, please reach out to me. The individual sessions that I offer will connect you with the highest and best and heal the parts that are still blocked by hurt, doubt, or fear.

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