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Fill up with joy!

The Nature Angels chose the rose for their flower message this week. They said yes to this flower because the rose is so prevalent on Valentine's Day.

In our culture we do use the rose as a symbol of love. The Angels did not choose the red rose, a symbol of passion. They chose the yellow rose of friendship.

Roses do come in many different colors and sizes. The wild roses have less petals. There are hybrid roses that have two different colors. They all are beautiful.

In this flower photo, you can see many thorns on the stems. If you've ever been pricked by a thorn, you know that it does hurt.

I tuned in with the Deva Angel of the rose to ask for more information about roses and then the Nature Angels will talk about this particular flower.

Here is their message:

The Deva Angel will speak about the rose first:

Hello most precious beings,

Many humans wish that roses didn't have thorns. The scientists work on growing roses without thorns. They will also tell you that the thorns protect the stem and the leaves of the plants. This is true.

Roses, like humans, are very precious. They need to be taken care of and these thorns help with their preservation.

Roses are here to survive but they are also here for you humans.

Their beauty, their many delicate petals are very soothing and nurturing to human beings.

And roses also reflect how resilient humans are in their survival.

We ask you enjoy these beautiful flowers and just be mindful of the thorns.

It is a protection for them so that they can be there and help you.

And now the Nature Angels speak for this particular flower.

Hello lovely humans!

This sunny yellow rose is very uplifting and will bring you joy. This is a very happy color.

These particular roses also have a beautiful fragrance. We ask if you can, to recall this in your imagination.

Their fragrance is to stimulate your senses and also bring your joy.

Karen will also tell you that color yellow fills up the energy center in your body, the solar plexus. It brings you the energy of the Sun.

We ask you to look at this flower image and say:

I gaze at this flower and let myself be filled with the joy and tenderness that is meant for me. I let the soft petals soothe me. I ask my Angels to provide me with what I need to keep me protected. I do not need thorns. I allow myself to receive the energy of this rose.


Wow! I love how all the Angels work together. I took this photo of this rose outside of the local library. The wildlife near my home would definitely gobble up these beautiful flowers. I do grow miniature roses next to my house and the animals leave them alone there.

The Nature Angels are saying that this is a good way to think about the thorns protecting the roses. We do things all the time to protect someone or something, including finding the right place to plant something to keep it safe.

You may have heard how the yellow rose symbolizes friendship. The Nature Angels remind us that this color yellow connects us with the sun.

The sun, Source energy, is definitely our friend, like a best friend, always finding a way to support us and make us feel better.

And finally, the color yellow bringing us joy. Spend some time looking at this beautiful flower and let the energy fill you up with joy!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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