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Goddess Source energy

I have many different color irises in my garden. The word, iris, comes from the Greek word for rainbow. These flowers do come in so many different colors and variations of colors that it is a very appropriate name.

As I had mentioned, I am on vacation, so the newsletter has a slightly different format.

I am sharing with you a photo of the first iris that bloomed in my garden. I stood above it and looked down to take the picture.

The Nature Angels ask that you just look at this photo and let the image work on you.

Even if you don't think you know what the flower is telling you, the Nature Angels say to look at and let it to work on your subconscious.

Receive the energy. Don't let your brain over analyze things. Just enjoy looking at it.

If you'd like, you can say:

I allow myself to receive the energy from Source. I feel the welcoming arms of my Creator.

The Nature Angels have asked me to do this again for the next week's newsletter too. They say less words will help you feel the energy more. Feel the energy from the flower.

You'll be getting another beautiful flower photo image from me to enjoy but they are in going to encourage you to just receive its energy.

They asked that you quiet your mind by being completely present with the flower and let yourself feel.

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