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Heavenly hyacinth

There is a saying, April showers bring May flowers. But this year, where I live, we have been of having a very dry month. Several brush fires have actually been igniting in some counties.

Because there has been no rain, I have to go outside to water the flowers. It was very hot for several days this past week and we had record breaking temperatures. Normally I can't tolerate the heat and I like to stay indoors, but I also realize that the plants need water. Going outside gave me the opportunity to really notice the beautiful hyacinth scent.

Hyacinths grow from bulbs. They don't get very tall but as I was watering them, I had to get closer to them and then I smelled their amazing aroma. As soon as I got a whiff of their fragrance, the words heavenly hyacinth popped into my head. The flowers smelled that sweet. It was heavenly!

I have several different hyacinth plants in various colors. One has a very deep violet color. That photo image felt quite powerful to me, but the Nature Angels asked me to use another hyacinth, a pink one, for this week's message.

I am sure you will agree that the darker and lighter shades of pink make a lovely color combination.

Here is the message from the Nature Angels:

Hello most beautiful humans,

The hyacinth is a special and unique flower. For this plant, there are actually many flowers that grow on one sturdy stem which forms into a beautiful cluster of blossoms that burst with color.

Each blossom opens fully with their petals curling back as if they're opening their very heart to each and every one of you.

There are so many flower blossoms that it may look as if they can be crowding each other. We ask that you please imagine that each flower is a small representation of the many angelic beings that are always here to help and support you.

As Karen mentioned, each individual flower has an amazing aroma. This is to really catch your attention so that you will take a good look at the flower. When you smell a beautiful fragrance, we are calling to you to come and take a closer look.

We chose this photo image because of the soft pink color of the flowers. We do want to say that one color is not better than the other. Each one brings a different energy, and for this week, we are asking for you to work with this energy, the energy of love.

Please look at the photo image and say:

The hyacinth flowers are a gift for me from the Nature Angels. The many flowers remind me of all the help I actually have from the Angelic Kingdom. As I look at this flower image, I allow this shade of pink to fill me with the energy of love. I ask the Angels to help me open my heart even more so that I can both give and receive an infinite amount of love. I choose to both love and to be loved. I allow myself to receive this energy.

We thank you for working with this flower image.


I think this is a beautiful message of both love and support from the Nature Angels. I knew the message was going to be about love, but I didn't know about the support. When we can't see the support, we may forget that it is there, but it is always there. We just have to ask for it.

One thing I noticed about the hyacinths is sometimes they get top-heavy and can topple over, and then we have to give the flower some support to help her stand up. This is a message that we often support each other as we are being supported.

The Nature Angels ask us to fill up with love. They are not referring to a romantic love that has been portrayed in the media.

They are referring to unconditional love. Unconditional love is accepting ourselves exactly as we are and accepting others exactly as they are. We are all on our own paths and on different steps in the journey. All of the Angelic realms ask us to please never judge ourselves and others.

I ask you to say:

I love myself exactly as I am, and I realize that I am on a journey of growth. Everything I encounter in my life is an experience to help me grow and expand and learn more. I accept this understanding so that I can release all judgments.

I don't know if the Nature Angels will use the purple hyacinth for next week's message or if they will choose a different flower. The picture is posted in the gallery if you would like to see it. The color violet brings the energy of transformation and forgiveness.

We have to fill up with unconditional love and be in this energy to truly forgive and experience transformation. Keep filling up with love. Let the flowers help you.

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