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Imaginative play

Ahh lilies, with their big blossoms and beautiful colors! A few have just started to open in the garden! I love how with every year, more buds form, doubling and tripling within just a couple of years.

These flowers seem to bloom overnight. They are such a beautiful sight to be greeted by. Their petals curl back in such a beautiful, graceful, and flowing way.

I do have a variety of lilies growing in my garden. The ones that are opening now are called ornamental lilies. I also have tiger lilies and leopard lilies! Each will bloom at their own time over the next several weeks and even into July.

The ones that bloomed first this year are a lovely pink and white color bringing such a soft feminine, nurturing energy. 

The Nature Angels want us to be gentle with ourselves. This is what they would like to say about this flower.

Hello most sweet human beings,

There is so much happening on your planet right now. Many things can cause you to move away from your center, from your place of being grounded and feeling loved.

This beautiful pink lily brings you a very soft and gentle energy.  Her petals are fully opened, and you can imagine it as if it is arms opened wide and ready to bring you in for a big hug.

The light pink color soothes your inner child while the white connects you with the purity of this sweet child. Please look at this flower photo and let your inner child feel some love. 

Now we ask you to use your imagination and visualize that this flower is quite large, and your inner child can play inside of it. 

Let her or him move in between the different parts of the flower as a carefree child with nothing to do at all but weave in and out of the parts known as the filaments. Imagine that they are big enough for your inner child to hold with their hand like a pole to spin around and propel yourself in another direction. 

You may remember doing this as a child, a form of simple play where you didn't have to think about anything.

And as you are visualizing yourself in this flower and moving amongst the different parts, imagine the pollen gently being shaken free and landing on you like sparkling stardust. 

Give yourself some time to do this mindless activity as you are being showered with stardust. 

This is an activity we have suggested for you, but we ask you to play with your inner child doing whatever fun activity you would like to do that doesn't require any thought. 

As you do this, you're giving your brain a mini vacation.  And as you let your inner child play, you are in your heart space.

We suggest you do this for a few minutes every day. 


That was a great message from the Nature Angels of using our imagination to play. 

We all need to let ourselves have fun whether doing something we actually love to do or if we can only do it in our imagination.

Imaginative play is important and doesn't require much of anything other than closing our eyes and going to a place where we can have whatever kind of fun that makes us happy. 

The more you let yourself imagine, the easier it will become and the more you will connect with your inner child.

In your imagination you can be anything you want and do anything you want. I do love reading certain comic strips, a boy having conversations with his dog, using cardboard boxes and pretending they are in rocket ships ready to take off.   

Can you remember that sweet innocence? You may have to go back a number of years, prior to school but it's still in there, in your memory. Let yourself have some imaginative play. You'll do your inner child a world of good.

Please reach out to me if you need help with feeling loved and supported. The individual sessions that I offer will connect you with the highest and best and bring you the loving energy you need to move through life and with the knowing that you are loved, supported and never alone. As you do this, your inner child will feel safe and ready to play.

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