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Let Love Flow

These blog posts are from a weekly newsletter I send. If you would like to receive them directly, you can go to the home page, click on the free gift and you will automatically be added to my email list.

The Nature Angels have been asking me to give this weekly newsletter a name. They would like to call it Tulips Tuesday.

I had mentioned in a previous newsletter that the fairies love word play. They say that Tulips Tuesday is playing on the words, two lips. Tulips (Two lips) Tuesday.

They promise you that there will still be many different flowers besides tulips.

The Nature Angels want you to give yourself and a loved one a big kiss with your two lips. Your loved ones also include the four-legged, fur babies or even a beloved bird.

And how do you kiss yourself? You can send a kiss to your inner child. Do it with intent and you may even feel it come to you.

For this week's newsletter, the Nature Angels did decide to use a tulip photo which I had taken in the springtime.

Tulips come in so many colors. I call them the jellybeans of flowers. The Nature Angels chose this one in a beautiful shade of deep pink.

Here is their message:

Hello beautiful humans!

We think giving kisses to yourself and others will spread love and raise the vibration on this planet. And we hope that you do it every day, not just on Tuesdays.

We asked that you look at this tulip and notice how the petals gently open. This is a reminder for you to keep your heart open.

Open to the love that we are sending to you as well as all the other Angels and Guides connected with humankind.

Send love to yourself. Send love to your fellow human being even if it may be from a distance.

Please look at this flower and say:

I let the love flow to me and let the love flow through me.

Thank you for filling up with love!


The Nature Angels have brought us another message of love. Everything that you do for this month of December, do it with love, not obligation.

Feel the joy. Spread the joy. Spread the love. It can just be with a kind word or gesture or even a smile. And don't forget to make your inner child smile by doing something you truly enjoy doing.

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1 Comment

Dec 06, 2022

Just imagining this brought a smile to my heart... "Everything that you do for this month of December, do it with love, not obligation."

I look forward to playing with letting the love flow.

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