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Let yourself stretch to grow!

Spring happens slowly in the Northeast. We have different colored crocuses blooming in shades of purple, yellow and white. The daffodils always open in time for Easter by me.

For this week's flower message, the Nature Angels asked me to go back to a flower photo that I had taken when I was in Florida in December.

It is of a bromeliad plant. I really know nothing at all about this plant so I felt I should research her a little bit if I was going to talk about her.

I did learn that this plant only flowers once and she only produces one blossom. This flower can last between 3 to 6 months. The plant will slowly come to the end of her life cycle, but she will produce a baby plant in the process.

The flowers of these bromeliad plants come in an amazing variety of colors and shapes. I also learned that the pineapple is the only bromeliad plant that produces an edible fruit!

And now that I feel that I shared enough information with you about this plant, I will ask the Nature Angels for their message about this particular flower.

Hello beautiful humans!

This exquisite flower is bringing you a message to stretch yourself and grow in all directions.

You can stretch physically, and you can also stretch your mind mentally. Doing both are very good for you.

Give your arms, legs and body a gentle, yet good stretch. Really appreciate what your body can do.

Now focus on stretching your awareness. You may ask, how do I do this? There are many ways. You can stretch yourself by exploring the metaphysical things such as communicating with us.

Today we ask that you bring your awareness to the Earth by using your physical senses. Become very aware of everything, what you see, what you smell, what you feel, what you hear and what you taste.

Do this often during the day.

Slow down and notice.

We ask that you say this as you look at this flower photo:

I am safely held by the Divine Mother as I allow myself to explore. I embrace all that I am. I let myself experience my senses fully. As I do this, I have a greater appreciation of all things. I am in awe of my incredible human body and of all the wonders of the world.


Wow! These Nature Angels always amaze me with their messages. As I was researching the bromeliad, I was thinking they were going to talk about life cycles but instead It was to stretch your awareness to fully enjoy life!

I have learned that as you focus your attention more on your physical senses, you are actually also enhancing your non-physical senses. Your non-physical senses are what is known as the "clairs", clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience. It is our birthright to be able to connect to these senses.

Just the other day, I did catch myself rushing from the store to my car and I deliberately slowed down, practicing a breathing exercise I had learned.

The air temperature was a little cold so I actually could feel the cool air entering through my nose and I could feel the warm air leaving as I breathed out. It's doing something so small that can completely shift your mindset. I became more aware of the beautiful blue sky and the brightness of the sun.

Spring is a great time to really enjoy using all of your senses. There are so many fragrances in the air. You may not notice how beautiful a flower smells when you are outdoors but walk past them indoors in a garden center and the smell is so sweet. Hyacinths in particular have such a wonderful fragrance.

If you do catch the fragrance of a particular flower while you're outside, it is really meant to capture your attention, so please notice and ask why did this flower call to you. There is a message there for you from the Nature Angels.

Let yourself feel more alive as you focus on using all your senses fully.

Enjoy everything! The birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy what the fall offers you. There are so many things of beauty. Notice them all. Your appreciation will shift your reality.

If you need help understanding a message for something you noticed, I can interpret it for you. Click on my Services page and get the message from the Nature Angels.

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