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Live a Joy filled life.

I had a wonderful time in my travels. I went to Greece as part of a global gathering to help bring an energy shift on our planet. It was powerful and at times, I became very emotional. It is like I was thinking to myself that it has been centuries that we have been waiting for this. I saw that other people were also having the same reaction.

We were on the island of Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates who is known as the father of modern medicine. This is where the Hippocratic oath was born.

I visited the ruins of an ancient healing temple & medical school where Hippocrates once practiced.

As I stood in a certain area, I felt incredible energy and received the knowing and understanding that I had a lifetime there. I realized that I had walked these steps before.

Although my full-time work in this lifetime was not as a doctor, I had worked in doctors' offices for over 25 years where the Hippocratic oath hung on the wall.

In this lifetime, I am embracing the healing energy that we receive from the Earth and from nature. The Nature Angels have always had an important role in this, and I have shared with you the many ways that we receive healing just from looking at flowers.

There were channeled messages in the many different meditation workshops I attended while I was in Kos including a channeling from the Nature Angels. Their energy is so joyful and playful, and they really want me to emphasize this in this week's newsletter.

They made it very clear to me that sometimes I can be too serious because of the reverence and respect I want to give to them, but they really want us to experience the joy!

The flowers do offer us so much, but the Nature Angels want us to really find and experience the joy that the flowers bring us. Remember when you experienced them for the first time as a child. Feel the magic as you watch a plant produce the first bud for you and also as it unfolds and blossoms. It is not silly to be very joyful about something as simple as this.

You probably have a particular flower that you absolutely love. Part of my calling is to let you experience so many different flowers.

The Nature Angels chose a canna lily flower that I photographed while I was visiting Kos. Here is what they would like to say about this beautiful flower:

Hello most wonderful human beings!

We chose this flower because of the colors of this lily. The yellow and orange are such joyful colors. You are meant to live a joyful life. Somewhere along the way the idea was planted that certain things are frivolous. We tell you that there is nothing frivolous about experiencing the joys of life, the joys of nature.

We ask that you look at this beautiful lily and notice how there are some orange spots that can almost look like some paint was dripped there by accident as we were adding the color.

This is not the case. Every single dot was deliberately placed but we do want to give you the impression that it is the carefreeness of dripping a couple of drops of paint that is very freeing.

We ask that you free yourself from certain rigid controls. Many things have been placed upon you to keep order but in doing this, some of the joy has been taken away. You may have been told not to make a mess. We do understand that no one wants to clean up a mess. There is a conscious awareness that takes very little effort for you. If you are painting and absorbed in what you are doing, you might drip a drop of paint. Use your awareness in prepping a surface so that you have the freedom to be completely absorbed in your work.

We ask you not to try to be perfect because everything you do is in perfection to who you are.

We are not saying for you to attempt to do something that you know is not part of your skill set. Each one of you has a most individual and unique gift that belongs only to you. Embrace this fact and do not try to be like somebody else.

There's nobody else in the world like you.

Please look at this flower image and say,

I open myself up to who I truly am. I use these colors of yellow and orange to help me do this. I let myself shine like the sun as I find the creative part in me that is blooming. I allow myself to grow to my full potential just as this flower is growing. I do this with the joy of connecting with my true authentic self.


Wow! What a message from the Nature Angels! A message of joy, some focus, some preparing with a little effort. Nothing has to be very hard. Conscious effort helps a long way.

I can relate to what they have said. I have definitely felt shortcomings when I couldn't do certain things (like the time I tried to give my husband a haircut and realized it was a lot more difficult than it seemed).

There is that quote:

Everybody is a genius. But if a fish judges itself by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Embrace who you are. Honor yourself, honor others. Remember we are all aspects of God and each one of us has been given a certain gift. It is perfectly OK to admire someone for what they do, but don't compare yourself to others and also don't judge others for their perceived shortcomings. Like the Nature Angel said, we are all unique individuals.

Greece is as beautiful as they say. I did love watching the sunsets and I did catch a beautiful sunrise. The colors are always spectacular. Here in the northern hemisphere, we are having shorter days so now it is an easier time for you to see a sunrise or a sunset. Make the opportunity happen for you and feel the joy of it.

I am sharing with you a picture of the sunrise in Kos at the thermal springs.

In addition to using the flowers to bring you energy healing, I also offer energy healing sessions that will bring you what you need the most to shift something you want to change in your life. The more you free yourself, the more joy you will feel. Let yourself experience life as it was meant to be.

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2 komentarze

24 paź 2023

Wow... potent image. I just looked at the image in the email and got a download. It twisted my head and neck and sent energy through me... BEFORE... I even read the joyful passage. Thanks Karen

Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
24 paź 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

Thank you for sharing your experience with me! It delights me to hear how you felt the energy! Many blessing to you!

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