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Make a wish!

Dandelions! They are amazing. They pop up everywhere, standing tall. You walk past a well-manicured lawn, and you'll see the dandelions that grow almost 12 inches tall, and you wonder how they could have grown that tall when the lawn looks like it was just cut the day before. 

Over the years, the dandelions have been called weeds. In their defense, the herbalist will tell you of their benefits. When they are first growing, the leaves are quite tender and delicious, and then later, the root makes a healthy tea.

But my favorite part of the flower is the beautiful seed head, so perfectly round and invoking the memory of making a wish and blowing those seeds. 

This week, I've been looking out the window and seeing one dandelion plant that has so many seed heads on it, all asking for a wish to be made. 

Part of me remembers that happy little girl who would make the wish and blow the seeds with the innocence and understanding that anything is possible.  And then there's the adult part of me that has been influenced by the idea that dandelions are weeds. They are actually a beautiful gift to us just like any other flower.

Connect with your inner child, make a wish and blow those seeds and send your wish out there into the world.

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to say about the amazing dandelion:

Hello most sweet human beings, 

We call you sweet when you connect to your inner child.  

One dandelion flower holds so many seeds and the wind does carry them in the most whimsical way. 

We ask that you look at the picture of the dandelion seed head, the blowball, and let the image work on you just by looking at it. 

Feel your inner child awaken within you and let yourself dream of the infinite possibilities that each seed can bring. 

We now ask that you make a wish, and with your eyes closed, imagine you are blowing the seeds of this flower into the wind and your wish is being carried with it. 

You are heard by the Universe. Open yourself to the possibilities that dreams do come true. 

Hopes, dreams and desires that come from the heart are held within the vibration of love.

Wishes that come from a place of wanting, hold a different vibration, but they are still heard. These desires are answered in the time and way that is the highest and best for everyone concerned.  You may not think you're being heard, or your wish is being answered, but it is all about divine timing and for the greatest good for all. 

Whether you wish upon a star or you wish upon a flower seed, you are connecting with the childlike innocence that lives within you. 

Please look at this flower and say,

I send so much love to my inner child and I feel myself move closer to her or him. I connect with this child and ask what she or he truly hopes and wishes for. I listen carefully to hear what they say.  As I hear what this desire is, I speak it out loud and send it out into the universe. I ask the Angels to help bring what my inner child has requested with no expectations of how it will come. I let it go just like the seeds that are carried away in the wind.


What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels!  Part of the childlike experience is the fun in the surprise of not knowing.   

I listened to the Nature Angels and connected with my inner child. Instead of imagining I was blowing the seeds from looking at the photo image, I went outside, and I picked a bunch of those dandelions and blew those seeds everywhere. 

Childhood memories came flooding back. Blowing out birthday candles, blowing bubbles, using the wind to fly a kite. There's something so freeing about connecting with this energy. 

If you have dandelions growing near you, pick one of those blowballs. Make a wish and blow. When you pay attention to the direction of the wind blowing, you'll really make those seeds fly.

Have fun, dream, let it go and know that you are being heard. You may not get what you want but you will get what will be of the most benefit, perhaps on the grander scale that our humanness can't see.

Trust that you are heard and supported more than you may know or even believe is possible.  We are loved beyond what we can humanly imagine.

Love yourself, send love to your inner child. Find time to play and remember this is the time that is most important for yourself and for your inner child.

Please reach out to me if you need help with connecting and feeling the support you need. The individual sessions that I offer will connect you with the highest and best and bring you the loving energy you need to move through life and with the knowing that you are never alone.

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