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Move into love. Embrace your pureness.

I was feeling like I was in a funk. The air quality condition by me has been getting me down. We've been having a lot of the smoke from the wildfires burning in Canada.

I was asking the Nature Angels what flower photo they wanted to use for their message this week and I didn't get an answer. I was getting irritated with myself.

And then I looked out the window and I saw some white flowers in my upper garden. I walked up to see them more closely and I noticed that it's a small white hydrangea bush!

I didn't plant this bush here. It is actually growing under a bigger bush. The Nature Angels have worked their magic again to bring another flower to my garden!

I realized that they also didn't tell me what flower to use because they were waiting for me to notice this one. My spirits have been lifted!

Here is what the Nature Angels would like to tell us about these lovely flowers:

Hello most beautiful humans!

We ask you to just look at this flower image. It has a very soothing and calming effect.

There is a purity and innocence held within this flower, a childlike innocence where all is well with the world.

There is a softness to the flower petals. Let this softness, this gentleness wash over you. If you like, you can imagine it is like gentle snowflakes lightly falling on you.

There will always be the ups and downs because you live in a place of duality.

This flower will help lift you when you are feeling down.

Please look at this flower image and say:

I let this flower remind me of my true pure nature. When I am feeling low, I will let this flower image work on me to help lift me up and remind me to be gentle with myself. I realize that I am always surrounded by love from all the Angelic realms.


What a beautiful and nurturing message from the Nature Angels.

We did choose to come to Earth to experience opposites, extremes, the many aspects and degrees of all the different feelings and emotions. Whatever we experience is a lesson we are learning.

Each lesson is to remind us to return to love. Don't judge yourself. Don't judge others. Send love. Receive love.

When you realize that you are here because you chose to experience duality for the purpose of growing and evolving, you can free yourself from the negative emotions that arise because you recognize them for what they are.

If you think you need some help feeling freer to do what your heart wants you to do, please visit my service page to see what I offer. The Healing Angel Protocol™ brings you to a place of pure unconditional love. If you need help feeling this, please reach out to me. I am here to help you.

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