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Moving forward and growing.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The Nature Angels are asking me to share something slightly different, a seed head of a flower for their message this week.

I have never seen this before. I didn't know if it was a flower, but I just loved the way it swirled. It almost reminded me of the heads of hair on Dr Seuss's Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I don't know if you know who they are, but I often think that many of Dr. Seuss's characters were inspired by cloud formations and other things in nature.

This is the seed head of the Clematis flower in the beginning stages of forming the seeds. They will become little fuzzy, feathery seed heads. If you look closely you'll see there is one forming now in the center.

Clematis flowers are a climbing vine flower that comes in several beautiful colors. I really don't know what color these flowers were.

I find the swirling spiral pattern mesmerizing. It is reminding me of movement and energy flowing.

Here is what Nature Angels have to say about their "flower" choice for this week's message:

Hello most beautiful and inquiring human beings,

We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show that it is not just the beautiful flowers and their different colors, sizes, and shapes that can bring you a message.

Our messages can help open you to think differently and see things in a different way.

This seed head is quite lovely. From your human perspective, it would seem as if it is moving in a clockwise direction which gives the impression of moving forward.

Imagine that it is like spokes on a bicycle wheel, spinning, and moving you in a forward motion.

Sometimes you may feel as if you don't know which direction to go but really the most important thing is that you move forward.

Let go of past thoughts and old memories that might cause you to become stuck now. Often these old memories are what are holding you back.

This one flower head will produce many seeds which will be scattered in the wind giving the opportunity for this plant to grow in other areas.

Seeds grow where they are planted but humans can grow wherever and whenever an opportunity becomes available to you.

This growth does not have to be outside yourself, but within yourself. Mental growth, spiritual growth, emotional growth, even physical growth if you want to lift weights and make your muscles bigger.

We asked that you look at this photo image and say:

I allow myself to move easily through life as if I have wheels under my feet. In times of stillness, I can experience a monumental step forward. I celebrate every step no matter how great or how small. I know it is a step in the right direction of moving forward in my growth of awakening to my true essence of being a divine child of God.


Wow, I am going to ask you to pause for a moment. After bringing that message through, I had to just sit and feel the energy of love surrounding me and filling me. I hope you had the same sensation. It is almost as if I have no more words to say.

But part of what I am meant to do in this world is to help you realize that everything you have experienced in your life was to help you get to the point that you are at now.

We did choose to come into this life forgetting that we came from Source energy, but we have been given all the tools we need to rediscover this. And this is where the joy is, in the journey of rediscovery.

If you feel that there is something still holding you back and not letting you easily move forward, please reach out to me for an energy healing session. We are meant to find our connectedness back to Source and to know and feel the support that we truly have.

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2 comentarios

22 ago 2023

Another incredible post. I love watching plants in my garden go to seed. Some I let go naturally. Others I put in my green house to collect the seeds to plant next spring. Great message of growth. Thank you.

Me gusta
Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
25 ago 2023
Contestando a

Thank you, Kathryn! I am collecting the seeds of the zinnias and Mexican sunflowers! I love seeing them grow!

Me gusta
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