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Open to be your true self.

As I explored the island of Kos with my friends, some flowers caught my attention immediately. I do have to say that I overlooked one. My attention was going to all the beautiful water that we could see as we stood on a high point of the island.

My friend pointed out a flower to me and asked me if I had noticed it. It was growing close to the ground. I told her no and thanking her for pointing it out to me and taking a few photos of it. This beauty is a small flower, but the color is quite noticeable, a beautiful shade of violet.

I didn't know this flower, so I looked her up and learned that she is called the colchicum, or more commonly known as the autumn "crocus". I put the word crocus in quotation marks because it is actually not related to the crocus plant. They have similar characteristics but are from different families of flowers. This beauty also goes by the name of the naked lady.

The reason why they call her this is because the flower herself appears much later after all the leaves or petals of the plant have fallen away.

We have spring crocuses where I live but I've never seen an autumn crocus. When I look more closely at the larger image, I think that she is just as beautiful and stunning as any lily flower that I have ever photographed.

The Nature Angels would like to talk about this little flower with the big personality:

Hello most beautiful humans,

We must let you know that sometimes we do help humans come up with the names for the flowers. They think they have thought of it, but we whisper it into their ears.

The naked lady is displaying herself fully without any hesitation or shyness. This flower is asking you to be your true authentic self, but you can be fully clothed in the process.

Revealing your true self happens as a process of peeling back layers and layers of beliefs and programming that has been piled upon you to hide you from your own self.

We ask that you look at this beautiful flower image which is so open to help you open up to your true self.

The color of the flower Is a violet color which connects you with your crown chakra. This crown chakra energy helps you connect to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows who you truly are and why you are here.

Each petal of this flower has a speckled coloration that can almost appear like a checkerboard pattern. This image is to help you see your patterns of behavior more easily, and without any judgment.

Please look at this flower photo and say,

I allow myself to be who I am meant to be. I let go of any patterns that are holding me back and keeping me from fulfilling my life's purpose. This flower helps transformation happen in me and assists me in letting go of the old version of myself. I open myself to who I truly am.


Wow! That was a powerful message for this small flower. I am going to include a photo of her as she grows close to the ground so you can see her true size.

This is one of the many reasons why I love working with the Nature Angels. I didn't see this flower. My friend pointed it out to me. When we are small children, we can easily sit at on the ground and notice small flowers but sometimes it's a little bit more of a challenge when we are an adult.

When you first looked at this flower picture, did it seem much larger to you than a crocus flower?

You were feeling the powerful energy coming from this flower.

I do offer other services in addition to bringing you healing energy. I also give you the opportunity to receive a message from a flower that has caught your eye. Trust your instincts. If you notice a flower without consciously trying, it is because the Nature Angels are hoping to bring you a message.

Let me help you to receive it. Take a picture of the flower and email it to me. I then check in with the Nature Angels to learn why this flower caught your attention and what helpful information it is bringing to you.

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