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Realize the beauty of your growth.

I was so happy when I saw the first crocuses popping up out of the ground! This is always a thrill for me. With winter in the Northeast, months go by without having any flowers growing in the garden.

February is early for the crocuses to come up, but we were having some unusually warm temperatures, in the 60s!

New York weather does go through extremes though and within a day, we were down to below freezing again.

I hoped the crocuses would survive the freezing temperatures. They did! But now It has been too cool for them to actually open. I wanted them to open so I could take more pictures, but they haven't yet.

When I looked at this photo, I could see that as the crocuses emerge from the ground, the flower is actually already forming. I don't think I ever noticed that before. It is like they are so excited to burst out and bring their beauty to us.

The Nature Angels now want to share their message about these beautiful flowers:

Hello most lovely humans!

Crocuses can emerge quickly and early, before the winter is over.

There are times when crocuses will seem as if they all bloomed overnight. One day you don't see them and the next day they are there!

As Karen observed with these flowers, there are times that a few days can go by without any additional growth or change.

We ask that you think of these flowers as a way of showing how humans can grow, not necessarily physically, but spiritually.

There are times that there is a spurt, where you seem to move forward a giant step; and then there are times when you feel as if you're absolutely not growing.

Flowers know when to open. They know that they need to have the right amount of sunlight and the right temperature in order to flourish.

We ask that you please feel the same way. Have patience with yourself. If you feel as if you are not moving forward fast enough, just trust that your soul is waiting for the perfect moment.

Please look at this flower photo and say:

I realize that I go through cycles of stillness and growth. I allow myself to be at peace in the stillness, and I let myself celebrate the growth! I know that it is all in divine timing. I am grateful for this understanding.


Another interesting message from the Nature Angels! I do love seeing the crocuses. They seem both delicate, yet sturdy, such a big flower on such a little stem. To me, this can show the immenseness of our spiritual body versus our human body.

I love connecting with the Nature Angels and hearing the message that they want to share with us. There are plenty of times when I feel as if I am not doing enough. I think it is part of our human conditioning.

Rest in the stillness. Resting is fueling you and helping the growth. Realize the beauty in your growth.

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2 комментария

21 февр. 2023 г.

And... a little violet fire to cleans as it grows. Lovely energy.

Karen Crehan
Karen Crehan
22 февр. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

Yes, here is always more than one message that the flowers bring us.

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