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Reconnecting to your truth.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I think back to the days when I remember the first time that I saw the Nature Angels. When I was a very young girl, I would see light sparkles of energy moving. I could actually see them move with intention, come right up to me. For lack of a better understanding, I called them “the all color things”.

When I talked about them with my family, no one saw else them. Somehow, somewhere along the way, I became afraid of them. They may have sensed this, and then they no longer appeared to me or perhaps fear obscured me from seeing them.

Life went on and I went to Catholic school. Prayer was very important, but creativity was not. Every year more and more of me was forced to conform to religion, to society. I am not trying to put religion down, but it really does shut you down.

We are taught to be good, but we are also taught that we are inherently bad. The prayer we would recite before communion was: Lord, I am not worthy to receive You.

In the prayer, the Hail Mary, one of the lines we say is, prayer for us sinners.

At a very early age, we were made to feel unworthy and sinful.

I also had a problem with the prayer, the Lord’s prayer, the Our Father. The first line is Our Father, who art in Heaven. I remember asking my mother, why is it not our Mother, who art in Heaven. She couldn’t give me an answer. I always thought there had to be both a Divine Mother and a Divine Father for Creation. Why was the Divine Mother dropped from the prayers?

I did learn that when Jesus said this prayer and gave it to us, it was in his language, the ancient language of Aramaic. I learned that in Aramaic, there was a single word which Jesus used to describe and talk of Mother Father God. In modern day language, there is no one word equivalent to express this. In translation, only the word, Father was included in this prayer.

I rebelled from my Catholic school upbringing. I could never agree that we are all sinners. I did go through a period of self-loathing, and I abused drug and alcohol. Life gets sad when you don’t follow your heart.

We moved from Queens to upstate, NY in 2001. There was plenty of land and plants, trees and flowers. I started taking lots of pictures with my digital camera. I found flowers were my best subject. Digital photography allows me to capture their beauty up close and you can see the flower on a much grander scale.

This is where I learned that the healing comes in. I learned to let myself visualize being immerse in the flowers. At first, I didn’t realize that nature was healing me from all my feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

I started seeing sparkly lights in my peripheral vision again. This time I wasn’t afraid. I was overjoyed! The sparkly lights which I called “all color things”, I now know are the energy of the Nature Angels. I realized that the healing power of nature is brought by the Nature Angels. The Nature Angels work with the flowers to bring healing energy to whoever wants to receive it.

My photography is all very intuitive. The Nature Angels called to my attention when and where there is a flower to photograph. Sometimes when I am outside, the sun is so bright, there are times when I don’t even know how a picture will come out until after I look at it. It is all about trust.

Give nature a chance. Nature really does heal and yes, we are all worthy.

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