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Seeing things differently

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Nature Angels chose the marigold for this week's flower message. Marigolds come in shades from yellow to deep orange and their petals can have smooth or ruffly edges. I have taken many photos of these flowers, but the Nature Angels picked this particular marigold with its ruffled edges for the message they want to share with you.

The fairies do love word play, and they are asking you to think of these 2 expressions:

-to "ruffle someone's feathers"

-someone who is "rough around the edges"

Theses phrases may be considered somewhat less than desirable but the Nature Angels ask us to find something good about it.

To ruffle someone's feathers means to annoy, irritate, to anger or upset someone.... So why is this actually a good thing? It is because it means you are questioning or challenging an existing situation with the hope to bring about a better outcome.

Rough around the edges means that the person lacks "polished" manners and can sometimes unintentionally or unwittingly cause offense. But it also implies that the person is good at heart and has good intentions.

Well, I can honestly say that yes, there are times that I am rough around the edges. However, that's not a bad thing. Being polished means that we have been taught to behave a certain way. Of course, I don't mean to deliberately offend someone. I mean to love yourself and all of your quirks and your "perceived" imperfections and find another way to express your good intentions.

And now here is the message from the Nature Angels:

Hello beautiful humans.

We have chosen this flower because we ask you to see beauty in the ruffled edges, in a world where you want everything to go smoothly. We understand how the human mind can misinterpret information. You see everything through the filters of the eyes of your life which is different from everyone else's lives.

This marigold is reminding you to find the gift in what is being presented to you. This bright color of golden orange is asking you to see the gold, the value in it. The gift is the opportunity for you to stop and understand a situation. Imagine the center of the flower is the button that has been pushed.

Look at this flower and say:

I welcome these circumstances given to me, rough edges and all. I realize there is a reason why feathers have been ruffled and buttons have been pushed and I value this understanding.

Let the Nature Angels help you see things from a different perspective.

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