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Slowly unfolding.

This week's flower is a miniature rose that grows right by the side of the house. I have had this beautiful plant for about 5 years.

Each year, she grows a little bit bigger, and the flower blossoms also get a little bit larger. I think the reason why she does so well is because she is next to the house and is sheltered a little bit from the cold winter temperatures.

Miniature roses don't produce too many flowers but this one always grows a bud on a long stem. She blooms in the summer but occasionally, I get another flower blossom in the fall.

It is always such a pleasure for me when I see a new bud forming on this plant. This particular rose bud first started showing a hint of color on October 4th. I wondered if I would get to enjoy seeing its beauty since I was leaving to go to Kos the next day.

I asked my daughter to keep an eye on this rose bud and she did share on Facebook that the flower had opened on October 14th. I was hoping that I could still enjoy its beauty when I got home.

This flower has held its beauty for far longer than I could have hoped for. I think maybe because of the cooler temperatures, the bloom has lasted longer. This photo I am sharing with you was taken on November 4th. Just one of the petals has started to fade.

The Nature Angels would like to say this about this beautiful blossom.

Hello most beautiful human beings,

This flower brings you the message to slow down. You live in such a world where everything moves at a fast pace, but this flower helps you to enjoy each day.

Some roses never fully open to reveal their center. This is to show you how sometimes things can really take time as they slowly unfold, and you may never fully understand the reason why something happened.

The bigger and grander perspective can only be seen from a much higher elevation, a higher energy vibration. Simply said, when you live on planet Earth, you are unable to see the whole picture, the full picture.

Years may go by before you have a greater understanding. Certain things may be hidden from you. Or something that seems so important to you at one time, now seems so insignificant.

When you allow life to unfold instead of trying to control it, you will find beauty in the journey. It is only when you look back at something can you really see where it helped you to change or grow.

There are times when you have so much energy that you just want to do, do, do but then there are times when you just should pause and receive. The outer petals on this rose are shaped in such a way that they are very good receptacles for receiving. This flower is telling you to receive while your life is unfolding. Her beautiful color helps bring a very calming and peaceful effect to you.

Please look at this flower and say:

I let myself slow down and enjoy the moment. I realize that a life is meant to be experienced. Although there is joy in completing a project, there is also greater joy in watching an idea slowly form and come into fruition. I sit with this flower and contemplate what I would like to see grow in my life. The flower shows me that there is much beauty to be experienced as each step slowly unfolds and is revealed to me one layer at a time. As I do this, I become more receptive to being in the flow of creation.


What a beautiful message about life unfolding. I have shared photos of the roses from this plant over the years on social media. People would comment and admire her beauty. I'm glad I finally got to bring a message from the Nature Angels for this lovely flower. Here she is as a bud full of potential and possibility.

As the days passed and the flower kept holding her beauty, it was almost as if she was in suspended animation.

What a great lesson about the beauty in slowing down.

Let go of time expectations. Allow what you want to do, happen when it is meant to happen. It is not always easy having the ego relax. We have been programmed to get things done and there always seems to be a deadline, when something should be done.

There is definitely a surrender in trusting, but there is also a great peace when you allow the process to happen in Divine timing. Time does keep us on a schedule and does keep things running smoothly. But when creating something special, this image of this rose, in its beautiful shade of orange, will really help you connect with your soul's creativity.

Take your time to make something incredibly amazing. There is such joy in watching the unfolding as it slowly happens. Allow yourself to witness this and enjoy the moments. This is what life is about.

Trust that if something is called to your attention, it is for a reason. Ask, what is this trying to tell me? Ask for the message. If you need help understanding, reach out to me. I would love to be able to help you.

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