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So many possibilities for the new year.

 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Happy boxing day to anyone who celebrates this! 

The Nature Angels have chosen the pink lantana flower for their message this week.

I took this photo while I was exploring the island of Kos. I have seen this lovely plant before.  My daughter bought me a lantana flower as a gift one year.  Where I live, they are annuals in small flowerpots.

I was surprised to see that they become a large flowering bush when given the opportunity to grow in the warmer climates.

Their florets are quite lovely. There are so also many little individual flowers that open, starting from the outer edge and more tiny buds form in the center. Each flower bud starts off almost as the shape of a square package, like a gift waiting to be opened.

Here's what the Nature Angels would like to say about these beautiful flowers:

Hello most precious human beings,

Yes, you all are very precious in the Creator's eyes.  We chose this flower because from your perspective, you will be starting a new year in a few days.

The flowers that have opened represent the things that you have accomplished.  The colors of these florets are demonstrating how both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies are working together as a unified whole.

All of the unopened buds represent the many possibilities waiting to happen. They represent what can manifest for you in this coming year. 

Karen had said they looked almost square, but when we look at the shapes, we see butterflies.  We ask that you realize that there is a lot of transformation happening and there is so much waiting to open for you.

We ask that you look at this flower photo and say:

I fill myself up with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies. I bring all of this energy into my heart space. I allow myself to dream of the many different possibilities waiting to unfold for me.  I open to manifesting my heart's desires.

We suggest that you do this visualization regularly. 


What a beautiful message from the Nature Angels!

As I was looking through my photos taken over the last couple of months, I was wondering if the Nature Angels were going to use this one at all.

I just surrender to and allow what message they want to bring. They are actually very in tune with all the different holidays we celebrate.

I love how each one of these little, tiny buds are something waiting to open for us and there's always more that are developing as the flower expands.

Don't limit yourself. Be in the expansive energy of this petite flower.

I am also sharing with you a photo of the plant as a bush so you can see how big she can get. 

I wish you a very happy New Year!

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