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Stepping into challenge.

Now that spring is near, there is so much new growth happening very quickly. The miniature daffodils grew and opened in what seemed overnight.

They bloom a little bit earlier than their taller cousins and they are almost a carbon copy, or a mini-me, the smaller version of the traditional daffodil. I think they bloom first because the taller flowers naturally take longer to grow since their leaves and stem take more time to develop.

You may not be able to tell by the photo, but these flowers are just a couple of inches from the ground, and those pieces of wood that look so big are actually mulch chips. 

This is what the Nature Angels would like to say about these lovely little flowers:

Hello, most delightful human beings,

We feel your delight, and it makes us so happy. The flowers that are made of this golden-yellow energy are always charging up your solar plexus, no matter how small they may appear. Fill up with this energy so that you are able to continue growing and striving for bigger and better things.

Spring offers many flowers with bursts of yellow to help you connect with your inner sun and shine your light on the world.

These small flowers bring a message for you see the small acts or steps you take that precede the bigger ones. They remind you of the significance of all the steps you take, especially the first ones, starting off small so that you can handle the bigger things when they come.

Because these flowers are so low to the ground, it is necessary to watch your step to avoid stepping on them and crushing them. 

This is telling you to be mindful and to move carefully, keep your dream close to your heart and away from those who don't understand or see what you envision.  Every dream is achieved by nurturing it, and realizing the many small steps that are taken along the way to get to your final goal.

We ask you to look at this flower photo and say:

No matter how small something is, it has meaning and a purpose.  These bright flowers help fill me with confidence.   I take each step in stride, knowing that as I move through life, I will meet challenges. Everything I did before the challenge has prepared me for it. I accept this, full of trust in myself. I fill my solar plexus with the golden energy of the sun and know that I am always supported.  I ask the Angels to help me understand their messages clearly so that I can easily, in turn, speak my truth.


Spring is traditionally the time when we plant the seeds, in anticipation of watching them grow throughout the summer, and then harvesting them in the fall. 

Flowers like daffodils and crocuses come back every year. They do not need to be planted from seed. As they wake up from their winter slumber, their colors and blossoms help us as we prepare to start something new.

It is important to have your energy levels full when you start new projects. You can help accomplish this by being out in nature, noticing the flowers, and pausing to absorb the energy from the Earth, and her many plants, flowers and trees. 

If you feel that you need help with replenishing or balancing your energy, please reach out to me. I can help you.

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Mar 19

Excellent message. I love it especially... They remind you of the significance of all the steps you take, especially the first ones, starting off small so that you can handle the bigger things when they come.🦋

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