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The Angels bring us love.

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

The Nature Angels asked me to use this particular flower photo for their message this week. I was wondering what they were going to say about it. A few of the petals left some gaps in the blossom.

When I looked at the picture, I thought that it could remind me perhaps of butterfly wings or an angel.

I do think the Nature Angels are going to want to talk about butterflies in a future flower photo message, but they said this one is to remind us of the Angels.

They also say the colors of this flower are significant.

The Angels bring the love of our Creator to us. There are many names for God but today we are going to use the word Source.

Here is their message:

Hello beautiful humans!

This may or may not look like an Angel to you. But we do promise you that this image is working on your subconscious.

As you look at this photo, imagine that you are seeing an Angel, wings open and hovering in the sky above you.

This Flower Angelic image is bringing you Source energy. The Angels carry Source energy to you.

We ask you to focus on the flower and feel this energy. It is the same energy as the sun.

Now bring your attention to the ruby red color that is around the center of the flower. This is the energy of love that the Angels are sending to you all the time.

Say: I am receiving love from my Angels, straight from my Creator, God, Source, Oneness. I allow myself to be bathed in love.

Keep looking at this photo image and let yourself fill up with the energy of Creator's love.


Wow! The Nature Angels are bringing another message about love. I am thinking that it is possible for the month of December, many of these messages will be about love.

The birth of Jesus brought love and hope to us. Jesus is also called the Master of Love. Be filled with love. It is a beautiful vibrational energy to be in.

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