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The darkness brings the light

With the winter solstice coming tomorrow, the Nature Angels have asked me to use this flower photo for their weekly message.

I took this picture back in the middle of November. The plant was flowering again after surviving an early frost. These flowers are reminding us of how resilient we also are.

This lovely plant is one of the many wood sorrel plants, similar to the clover, a "fake shamrock". I do love the true Irish shamrocks, but these leaves are pretty impressive. They are so big!

The Nature Angels ask you to focus on the green leaves of this plant. Bring this color into your heart space and fill up with it. Let the oversized leaves remind you how much Creator loves you.

Here is the message of the Nature Angels:

Hello beautiful humans!

These flowers are a reminder that this is the time when you should turn in and reflect.

As the days grow shorter, it is your time to slow down. Pull your energy back to you. All that you are putting out in the world, bring it in to yourself.

Look at the flowers and imagine that you are these flowers gracefully closing. Look at the open flower and see how it looks a little beat up. You are meant to rest more now.

We do not mean for you to close yourself off from the world. We ask you to focus your attention inward to yourself.

Please look at the photo image and say this:

I honor myself and I honor Mother Earth. I allow myself to rest. The darkness teaches me to look within myself. I welcome the new light that is always promised to me. I let my heart be filled with love.


As we come upon the shortest day and longest night, we know that each day afterwards will bring more daylight.

Light a candle to honor the Earth. Reflect and recognize all that you have done this year.

Remember, we need the darkness to appreciate the light.

Let yourself always sense the light. In times of difficulties, ask the Angels to help you.

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